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  1. seedragon

    Time alignment vs. frequency response: Is the battle real?

    I believe I am having to make a trade-off in my system's performance and would like your input on whether it's a real trade-off or if I can have my cake and eat it too. System: Revel F208 L/R, C208 center, M105 SL/SR, dual PSA 15V ported subs, Denon X4400, UMIK-1 and REW. Room: ~4,000 cu ft...
  2. seedragon

    SOLD!!!: 3 Legacy Audio Silhouette Pro On-Walls Full Range $3695 SOLD!!!

    Selling three Legacy Audio Silhouette Pro on-wall full-range speakers. They are in nearly mint condition (I can't find any cosmetic issues with them), and of course they sound amazing. Reason for sale is that I moved to a bigger space and am switching to floor standers. Retail: $4,800 Asking...
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