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    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    I'll wait until Amir measures. In that price range there are a ton of terrific options.
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    SEAS KingRo4y MK3 Kit

    I am not debating the subsequent iteration's superiority, simply stating what I heard in the Madisound room at GABF years ago. And you are talking about the acoustics of a hotel room. I am a big fan of SEAS drivers, and have a wonderful two-way monitor with some of their older drivers. All...
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    SEAS KingRo4y MK3 Kit

    I heard an earlier version at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest maybe five or six years ago. It was a good sounding speaker, but I was not blown away.
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    Emotiva XMC-2 Review (AV Processor)

    3 grand for crap. Nuff said.
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    Audioengine B-Fi Review (Streamer)

    I'll keep my Tinker Board and Volumio, thank you.
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    $575,000 (Spare Arm Tube Included)

    I bought two, as I wanted one for a backup, though for $900,000 I was thinking instead of just hiring bands to come and play in my house.
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    All Aboard the FiiO K9 Pro Hype Train

    WolfX measurements of the early production/pre production unit do not bode well. For 800 clams it has to do better.
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    Vintage vs New Turntable?

    How much do you want to spend? Look at Orbit, and you can get a TT with a phono stage built in.
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    CD vs hi-res

    Try blind testing different beers and see what you believe changes.
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    CD vs hi-res

    I have a limited number of hi-rez tracks. I believe they sound superior, but I also believe they were better recorded/engineered. They are not mainstream artists.
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    Revel W990 Review (in-wall speaker)

    Certainly is not true in your case, and a few others. I should have been more clear in terms of generalizing.
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    Revel W990 Review (in-wall speaker)

    Thank you for testing these in-wall units. The results are surely interesting. I wonder: If someone is purchasing in-wall speakers, are they really expecting or even caring about flat frequency response, or sound comparable to traditional speakers? I doubt it. I think they are first and...
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    Which DAC measurements do you like to see next?

    How about the Cambridge Audio Dac Magic 200. Lots of features, $499, balanced out, just no remote.
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    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    I am going to build this Nelson Pass designed DIY x-over. It may be worth a try on this speaker.
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    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    The majority of devices do sound good to most listener's ears. The vast majority are not careful or critical listeners and purchase their audio products sight unseen via the internet. The distortion deltas we discuss here are irrelevant to the majority of buyers.
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    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    Volumio's Primo for about the cost of the BlueSound Node is a much higher performing and better designed unit, with a far better DAC chip. As to the Node, they could do a much better job for little or no additional cost. Why don't they? I would submit that the lion's share of Node buyers are...
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    If you worry about USB quality of the Pi, get an Asus Tinker Board. I run Volumio off a Tinker Board USB out and into a Emotiva DAC. I have done the AB comparison between the Tinker to DAC and a Sony ES CD player to the same DAC. I cannot tell any difference. Both are great.
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    Suggestions for preamp/DAC for AHB2-looking to upgrade from NAD C658

    See Amir's C658 review. Not good DAC performance. MiniDSP SHD models have better specs and DACs, but don't have phono preamp.
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    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    For a company the size of Lenbrook to use such a cheap and low performing DAC is a sad story. For a few bucks extra the unit could perform much better. As to the App, I think most users have had a far better experience than Amir. As to my personal opinion and behavior, I see no reason to use...
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