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    Matrix X - Sabre 3 News?

    I’m thinking of buying the recently launched Matrix Audio X Sabre 3 DAC Streamer. Seems to do everything! Has anyone purchased one and would like to provide some feedback? regards
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    Playing Apple Hi-Res Lossless directly through DAC from IPad/Phone etc...

    Hello audio enthusiasts, Having been thoroughly disillusioned with MQA, Apple’s recent launch of its Hi-Res lossless, at no additional cost with free month long trial, is a mighty tempting alternative. Even if Spotify’s equivalent lossless offering is braced over the horizon, I still fancy...
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    Passive Pre amp to DAC

    Hello, Being an engineer - of the mechanical variety - it is a pleasure to finally see lots and lots of data carried out by highly qualified and experience professionals. I must say, I did do a lot of FFT and Laplace Transforms many moons ago, but it was great to see Amir take time to tutor us...
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