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    Powered monitors without AD conversion

    Does anyone know of any powered monitors that do not have AD conversion? I am aware of the Focals and Gibsons, but would like to learn of more, particularly highly rated ones. It seems a bit odd to me to research DACs well, buy a highly rated DAC, and then feed the signal into powered monitors...
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    SMSL SU-9 remote problems

    Just added the SMSL SU-9 to my collection of DACs that includes RME and Topping. Although the SMSL SU-9 sounds wonderful and is working fine; I cannot get the remote to work. I know about the "Press C" thing, but even after pressing C, and with the unit not in direct sunlight, I cannot get the...
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    MiniDSP SHD Studio

    I was curious if there are any MiniDSP SHD Studio owners out there, or others who are considering pulling the trigger like me. Seems to be a lot of value for the money for this streaming transport, for those of us that already have a DAC. Not only do you get a streamer but lots of room...
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    Car Audio

    I would be very interested to get some opinions on car audio topics: installs in kick panels, A-Pillars, sails, for tweeter and mid-range drivers, and also subwoofer issues. Also open for discussion are amps with built-in DSP, and what constitutes a state of the art system, or just below SOTA in...
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    Biomechanics of Human Hearing

    Introduction Biomechanics is the science of movement of a living body that incorporates the fields of classical mechanics and biology; wherein the study of muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments are investigated specifically with respect to how they work in unison to affect the mechanics of...
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    Psychoacoustics Fundamentals

    Introduction Psychoacoustics is the branch of acoustics and psychophysics involving the scientific study of human sound perception and audiology; that is how humans perceive various sounds and the corresponding psychological responses. Sound is mechanical radiant energy transmitted by...
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    Headphone Fundamentals

    Initial post will address very basic headphone info, with the hope that subsequent posts can add additional relevant info. Many thanks to those who helped me on the Objective and Subjective thread to better understand headphones, which I didn't get into until this year. Initial post revisions...
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    Deleting a Thread and Deleted Threads

    I want to delete my thread on the Tascam DR-05X, as it didn't get any responses, and things got covered in a more general thread that I started about portable recorders. How does one go about deleting a thread that they started? Do I just click "unwatch". Are deleted threads ever...
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    Active Monitors: Digital or Analog crossover?

    Do you prefer digital or analog crossovers in active monitors? Why?
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    Does near field listening render room correction less necessary?

    In my systems, things are arranged such that I can sit relatively close to my speakers (powered monitors) and I do incorporate a subwoofer. I am therefore asking this question with respect to 2.1 systems. In my Den, I have Focal Shape 50 speakers, with the room arranged so that I am about six...
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    Passive Controller switches each channel separately

    A company named Wright Audio sells these passive controllers. They are designed to accept many inputs from line-level sources, and equipped with the ability to switch the left channel and right channel separately. They output both rca and XLR from volume control, and also have three rca fixed...
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    Audacity first time user

    I am about to try Audacity for my first time. Can anyone recommend any tips or tricks to help with the learning curve? Also, are there other softwares similar to Audacity that are worth investigating? The first task I want to accomplish with Audacity is to set my some wav files to the same...
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    Phone used as a DAP and not a phone

    Does anyone know if a phone can play music from a microSD slot, if no phone service is being used?
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    Portable Recorders as DAPs

    Curious if anyone is going the route of using portable recorders as DAPs, or for those not doing it, why not? I started a thread on the Tascam DR-05X but got no responses. I have one of those, and I also have an Olympus LS-P4 on order. Going this route, no streaming, but can play wav files...
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    Amplitude, Frequency and Phase

    I have a few questions about these topics in relation to recording musical instruments and audio playback. As a simple example, lets start with a piano playing the note middle C and then a few moments later a guitar playing the note middle C. Lets assume both instruments are recorded with the...
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    Objective and Subjective

    A lot has been said on this subject. I hope that an objective person would realize the difficulty in attaining the goal of the "original artist intent" for any given piece of music. The original artist may not get what was intended for any number of reasons, to include an inept recording...
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    Best Tracfone to use as a DAP?

    Looking for advice regarding the best high-end Tracfone for use as a Digital Audio Player (DAP). I am looking for an Android Tracfone equipped with a microSD slot.
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    Tascam DR-05X

    I decided (for now) not to buy a dedicated DAP; rather bought a Tascam DR-05X recorder to use as a DAP. Lightweight and just the right size for my hand, it seems to do the job fairly well. I paired it with Audeze Sine headphones and haven't noticed any problems. Sound is quite good, and the...
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    Digital vs Vinyl

    I am curious if any of you who prefer digital -- think there may be some limited situations wherein there would be objective reasons to choose a vinyl record over the CD counterpart. For example, what if the CD had too much dynamic range? In other words, on the CD version, the listener could...
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    Topping D90 and RME ADI-2 FS

    I just got both of these DACs recently, really love them both. Thanks to finding this web site, I made the best possible decisions with respect to value for the money with the purchase of these two DACs. Prior to these coming in, I had been with an Enlightened Audio Design (EAD) DSP 7000 III...
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