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    Zen moves to Zen 2

    Interesting that iFi has moved to an updated second version of their Zen series. Upgraded Xmos and MQA in DAC and updates in the Bluetooth V2. Who will take the plunge so Amir can test? Version 1 measured rather non-competitive dispite nice feature set. Will V2 improve...
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    Steve G. likes Topping!

    High praise from the Audiophiliac for Topping DAC and headphone amp. Prefers it over the Schiit multi-bit dac. Hmmm.
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    Interesting Podcast interviewing Audio Engineer, former Audio Precission employee

    Some interesting points in this interview. At the end a zoom meeting folks might want to listen to.
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    $200-ish DAC with balanced out

    I am thinking either the Tone2 Pro or Soncoz LA-QXD1. Any thoughts on which you like more and why? Soncoz can use standard balanced cables and has volume for RCA and balanced out.
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