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    Why I am unable to hear any difference between these DACs?

    Aren't we at the point where it's all just I can hear with my magic ears, no you can't, yes I can, no you can't, yes I can. Seems the thread is descending into pointlessness.
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    Denon X3700H or Marantz SR6015?

    Suspect they've made their choice in the fifteen months since asking. Can't work out why you didn't return it. Seems semi functional at best. Though suspect many of the issues you have would be same in the Denon as they have far more in common than different.
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    System costs... How much do you have invested in your primary music system?

    Invested is an interesting choice of term.
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    RCA versus Coax , explain me that ....

    It is unclear whether you passed the audio through the switch box or just the cable
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    Denon DRA-800H Review (Stereo Receiver)

    Tbh I think that's more the lack of chips than decision on their part.
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    Loxjie D30 discontinued?

    Another impacted by the akm fire I guess
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    Primephonic Becoming Apple Music: Alternatives?

    Well that may be less of issue next year "Apple Music plans to launch a dedicated classical music app next year combining Primephonic’s classical user interface that fans have grown to love with more added features."
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    Bluesound Node Review (Streamer)

    Judging by the rush to defend it by purchasers they don't have to worry about making a better version any time soon.
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    Apple Music iPhone EQ Measurements

    Suspect it would be similar to the iPod ones
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    Dongle Dac to Stereo Amp and Speaker

    Too many unknowns to postulate. What counts as hot Which onkyo Does it do it with other inputs You didn't answer if it's well ventilated
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Only things I can find on a search are people moaning that they didn't do a black friday deal last year and further back that 2019 they seemed to choose that time to raise the price from 499 to 699. Sales don't seem to be their thing.
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    Scratching my head - getting Apple music to HiFi

    Are you running it from micro SD, was reading that Android doesn't run well from that. Might be worth trying from USB drive if you have one lying around. Pity that USB sound didn't work as that's listed as being working. Oh well
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    Apple lossless official announcement
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Didn't think chromecast could do ALAC and that's what apple streams isn't it?
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    Are there any speakers that output sound essentially indistinguishable from a live performance?

    Demonstrates that you'd need to play it next door? Or more reasonably that they have a different hearing range to us and not the one we record and playback.
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    RANT Wish budget -350$ receivers had pre-outs for front speakers

    Not getting why you don't just use the zone B ones if you aren't going to use it for anything else.
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    Peleton now the highest paying streaming service

    Yeah so not as glowing as headlines I'd seen made it seem.
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    Google Nest Audio Spinorama and Measurements

    Weird the pairing works fine on my Google minis, you'd expect these to do better.
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    There are a lot of streaming services?

    Just be glad that music subscriptions haven't gone the same way. Imagine needing a different one for each record label.
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