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    SMSL SU-9n

    New SMSL Dac, same as SU-9 but without MQA. Gets a US$60 drop in price
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    Dedicated Headphone Amp vs Integrated Amp Headphone Out

    For the uninformed among us, here's hoping someone can explain the pros and cons of a dedicated headphone amp over using the headphone output on my integrated Amp. I have a Hegel H120 and the headphone output on it seems to be really good at driving my 3 sets of cans, HD6xx, DT770PRO 80ohm and...
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    Balanced heaphone output louder?

    This may seem a silly question but please indulge me. On a fully balanced headphone amp, e.g. Topping A90, being fed a balanced signal from say a D90, would the output volume be louder using the balanced output or would the volume be the same as the 6.3mm single ended output? I'm trying to...
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    Is RCA to XLR safe or can it cause damage

    I'm using a SMSL DA9 which has 1 set of rca inputs and 1 set of xlr inputs. I'm using the rca inputs from a topping e30 and was wanting to connect another source that only has rca out. If I use a rca to xlr cable to connect to the da9, will it work or can it damage the amp? I realize it will...
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