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  1. Asking Dumb Questions

    FS: Hidizs S9 Portable DAC / AMP (Black) - Non-Pro Version

    About an Hour of use total with PC, unfortunately for some reason, my Galaxy S9+ doesn't recognize any DAC/AMP. I've tested this on a Friends Galaxy S20 and My Computer, Works Fine. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Not looking for any Trades. This is the Non-PRO version. I'm only...
  2. Asking Dumb Questions

    Is there an Audible / Measurable Difference between RCA and 3.5mm Connection?

    Newbie here, Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I'm looking into having a simple and clean desktop setup, Small Powered Speakers, Headphones, IEMs, Headphone AMP etc... I notice most of these things have RCA Input & Output, so I was wondering is there any sound quality / measurable...
  3. Asking Dumb Questions

    Best Dongle/Portable DAC/AMP to buy?

    I need some help! There are way too many of these that its mindboggling. My Primary usage would be for my Laptop. Main Requirements or what I'm seeking... Budget: Under $100 USD. Standard 3.5mm Port. USB Powered. 1 Unit, No Stacks. I've compiled a few so far and wondering if you guys can help...
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