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    What was your best (and worst) audio purchase for the dollar?

    Best: Marantz CD-63SE CD Player… can still remember the genuine excitement and joy this thing gave (was my 1st hifi, up from a boom box). Worst: Auralic Aries Femto… paid £650 thinking It was a bargain (£1500 new) - ended up getting chucked in the bin when the repair costs for a known design...
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    Did You Buy Based On Amir's Review?

    I confess, the Topping D90SE was a purchase heavily influenced by the testing/review on here (and an eBay bargain price too!).
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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    +1 on thinking it looks like something a gamer would have… lol. On a more serious note, great to see that this is pushing the limits of what state of the art headphones can achieve - Well done to the manufacturer for putting the effort in to achieve this. Differentiation at this level can only...
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    B&W 800 D3 vs KEF Blade. Let's discuss.

    Maybe… but the Dali Fazon F5‘s are made from die-cast aluminium and perform very well indeed.
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    Is it ok to leave a DAC always on?

    Lol - best comment in a long time… nothing to worry about as you say !
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    What is causing a "pop" through my speakers?

    Sorry to hear you had no luck with this either. What I do know is that I have switched out the Trigon Exxceed for both a Primare i22 and an i35 and have never had the issue reoccur. With this in mind, I put it down to the Trigon Exxceed having an issue. What prompted my question was the...
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    What is causing a "pop" through my speakers?

    Would be interested in whether you reached an answer to this. I also have an Innuos Zen Mini Mk III + LPSU and was experiencing a similar issue/symptoms (in my case have a Chord Qutest in between the Zen Mini and a Trigon Exxceed).
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    Innuos PhoenixNET

    Am fine if it were to be….
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    Innuos PhoenixNET

    Originally opened this thread, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, to highlight the craziness in the marketing of such a product - as someone who has been in the networking industry for > 20years, this hits a bit harder and closer to home. Alas, it also seems to have attracted trolls, therefore hopefully...
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    Innuos PhoenixNET

    Hope it comes with some patch leads.
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    Innuos PhoenixNET

    A brand new "Audiophile-Grade" network switch. Seems like good value for money at only 3499 USD... worth picking one up. :)-))?
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    Auralic Aries Femto - Stuck on Starting - Spares/repair only

    Have an Auralic Aries Femto that has the "stuck on starting" issue (never boots all the way through to becoming operational). If someone might have the time/ability to get it working again, happy to let it go for a reasonable offer. Note, would have to sell this as spares/repair only given...
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    Why do people like/use Roon?

    Am glad that I am not the only one that is a bit indifferent to Roon. I get that it costs a lot to build and run a service, particularly one that fulfils a particular niche, but for the money I struggle to realise the value compared to native streaming services combined with the functionality in...
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    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 Balance Headphone Amp: New Champ?

    Just picked one up from the monoprice UK site.... purchased on the Friday morning, shipped Friday evening and was with me on Tuesday. Been very impressed so far partnered up with a Chord Qutest and Auralic Aries Femto.
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