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  1. aslan7

    Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC Supreme

    Did anyone ever hear of an Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC Supreme? There is a review in Dagogo. The tube part makes me suspicious but it sounds interesting.
  2. aslan7

    DAC for second system recommendations

    A while back I bought an RME DAC that many here recommended and it is fantastic with the VTV Purifi amp. I just converted my basement into a soundproofed listening space and instead of selling a Wyred 4 Sound integrated use it down there with a CD player. Now I miss not having a DAC in this...
  3. aslan7

    Amplifier choice for Creek 4330 Mark 2 Integrated

    Greetings--quick question: I have an old Creek 4330 that I use for my turntable and CDs (my main system is all digital) and am very fond of it. I have been using it a lot lately in a larger room after adding the optional phono card and would like some extra power (the unit is rated 40 watts into...
  4. aslan7

    Speaker dilemma with 40 Watt Amp

    I have a really nice 40 watt Creek integrated 4330 Mark 2 and am in need of speakers. At first I was considering getting British speakers from the same era just to do the historical thing. After asking around people recommended Spendor, Wharfedale, Rogers, the BBC monitor family. Epos was said...
  5. aslan7

    Giving manufactures the benefit of the doubt

    I just concluded a big public fracas on Audiogon concerning Exogal's no longer supplying the device applications for which the Comet/Ion combo was designed. The CEO refused to answer me satisfactorily so I took it public. Even though I successfully refuted his many misrepresentations with...
  6. aslan7

    Any point to upgrade DAC power supply?

    Specifically thinking about a Teddy Pardo power supply for an RME ADI-2. Is this just hype or something that will make an audible improvement? Thanks.
  7. aslan7

    Advice on getting a new DAC

    Greetings. I have read some of the reviews here and am very impressed with all the technical knowledge. I had an Exogal Comet DAC that I really liked but the applications to run it are no longer available and I detest the remote coupled with a window I can't read because it isn't illuminated and...
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