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  1. wadec22

    minidsp new headphone dac/amp saw this update in their newsletter. I know the regular minidsp tested below expectation, but this is intriguing.
  2. wadec22

    DIY knob for JDS Labs Atom amp

    So I have an Atom amp and I wish the light ring was more pronounced, so I want a smaller knob. I emailed JDS and they confirmed the existing one will pull right off and I just need to find a replacement with a 1/4" shaft opening and the knob itself to be slightly smaller in diameter. Any ideas...
  3. wadec22

    please help me bettter understand amplifier measurments

    why do all amplifier measurements show a downward sloping line until they clip? often the distortion at 1mw is significantly higher than close to 1w. I have a tough time wrapping my head around it, as I wouldn't think distortion would actually set in, until the amplifier was boosting the...
  4. wadec22

    FS: Custom E-Mu Teak XLR cable, RCA cable & AUX cable

    Custom, made-to-order cable for my E-mu Teaks. Unfortunately sold them before the cable arrived. Nylon paracord & 4 pin Neutrik XLR, 2.5mm plugs - $55 includes ship & pp heat and ebay under wadec22
  5. wadec22

    FS: Topping D50

    Selling my like new Topping D50 - SOLD CONUS
  6. wadec22

    SMSL M10 initial impressions

    I'm coming from Creative X7, Topping D50, Teac UD-501 and Monoprice THX desktop unit. Still have the Topping, have let go of the others. I have no audio measurement gear and since we are talking a modern DAC from a reputable company, all I'm giving you is functional thoughts. It "sounds"...
  7. wadec22

    budget powered desktop speakers

    Hey guys. Looking for some new speakers: 9" tall or shorter to fit under monitor(s) budget of $250 or less Prefer close to neutral sounding - just everyday usage though, not mixing or anything Thinking maybe the Mackie CR3 just because they are so cheap (blue trim, that green is terrible)...
  8. wadec22

    Teac UD-501 - a reference DAC?

    You guys have any thoughts on this DAC? I have one on the way, as I think it has potential as a reference DAC on my desktop (combined with my Massdrop THX). I know amir tested the NT-503 - but that has a different DAC setup and a quick search shows a couple Head-Fi users talking about...
  9. wadec22

    FS: E-Mu Teak Headphones with Dekoni Elite pads

    E-Mu Teak Headphones with removable cable and Dekoni Elite Sheepskin earpads fantastic condition Comes with box, removable cable, stock pads & Dekoni elite sheepskin pads ($50 new) $SOLD shipped CONUS Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz 16gb (2x8gb) CL 15 Runs great just upgraded to 32gb $SOLD...
  10. wadec22

    Affordable XLR DAC to amp cables?

    Where do you guys get affordable XLR cables to connect your DAC & amp? I've found a few but they are long.
  11. wadec22

    Navigating DAC units.... Recommendations?

    First love the site and detailed reviews! Found it last night and am extremely excited to join. After going thru roughly 30 headphones, I came back to the Denon ah-d7200 as my end game. Currently I use a Creative x7 with a O2 amp. The Denon headphones are extremely sensitive, so they pick up...
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