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    Problem with DSD (Foobar, DX7s)

    Hi, I just reinstalled my windows and am configuring everything new. But I can't get DSD played over Foobar anymore just like before. Is there any "new" ASIO version and new SACD which fits to Windows 10 2004? I also recognized that SACD 1.2.3 does not let DSD directly to Topping DX7s. When I...
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    Normal that 'windows sound' also plays while using foobar?

    I am using various of Topping Devices. D10, Dx3Pro and also Dx7S. At least on D10 and Dx3Pro I have the same problem, that the windows sound(like notification sound or also youtube etc.) is also being played while listening music via Foobar. I of course already selected the output as ASIO...
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    Sound quality [TOSLINK] of Non-Expensive Streamers?

    Hey, I am looking for a CD Player but with Radio function. I now have a blu ray player to play cd, but there is no screen showing the track number, and it bothers little bit. I just found on a product like this: auna iTuner CD HiFi-Receiver...
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