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  1. xarkkon

    Potentially receiving some drivers, no idea what to do with them though!

    Apologies in advance for my noobness as I've only built 2 DIY kits so far (C Notes and XLS Encore). Recently someone offered to pass me a pair each of: Tannoy M3 Eminence APT 80 I'm hoping I can use them to build another pair of speakers. Problem is, I've got no idea how to go about doing it...
  2. xarkkon

    Dayton Ultimax 8 inch sub build: Would this work?

    After playing with 2 kit builds (C notes and XLS encore), I'm hoping to put together an active sub without a kit. Given space constraints I'm looking at an 8 inch with the either of the 2 below designs drawn using subboxpro (long side facing the front) Some questions from this noob: - is the...
  3. xarkkon

    Question about importing Amir's filters: Rephase into DSP for Volumio

    So Amir's latest Sony post, sweetchaos's PEQ compilation, and doodski's EQ software compilation has finally gotten me down to figuring out EQ for my Volumio/Hifiberry headphone setup. I'm absolutely clueless at all of this and am trying to figure things out as I go along. Can I check if i'm...
  4. xarkkon

    A review of a review by Crinacle

    Just learned about @crinacle and his work. Found the below "review review" which I think many here will find enjoyable!
  5. xarkkon

    Speaker positioning

    The missus requires me to place my Buchardt S400s on the TV console, just half a foot away from the wall. Thankfully, this isn't my main system, but I'm still not too pleased with the situation and what this poor positioning is doing to my sound. Is there anything (apart from moving the...
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