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  1. Kal Rubinson

    FS: exaSound e38 Mk. II Multichannel (balanced) DAC and exaSound Sigma Streamer

    As new, gently used: exaSound e38 Mk. II 8-channel DAC with balanced mini-XLR outputs (new price: $4300) PLUS exaSound Sigma Streamer (new price: $750) Stereophile review of...
  2. Kal Rubinson

    FS: Acronova Nimbie USB Plus CD/DVD/BD Autoloader/Ripper. $750.00 obo

    As new, Nimbie Autoloader. Handle a stack of up to 100 discs for ripping or writing. Works perfectly. Includes all parts, docs, disc and original box. Current new price $910.00
  3. Kal Rubinson

    FS: Bryston 9B ST THX (Make an offer!)

    Originally a 9B ST THX, this was recently refurbished at Bryston where the factory "modified it to use the SST output devices. This modification makes the chance of output transistor failure much less likely, as these transistors are considerably more robust." The amp is still in the factory...
  4. Kal Rubinson

    Help: Can you identify this connector?

    I want to link multiples of these and it would be really convenient to construct a separate board to do that. However, that would require buying several sockets as shown on the PCB at the bottom and at least one additional ribbon connector. Thanks.
  5. Kal Rubinson

    How do I delete a post that I chose not to post?

    Sometimes I begin a reply and then think better of it. Even if I delete all the contents, they come back when I return to the thread, even days later. Why isn't there a cancel/delete button? Or is there?
  6. Kal Rubinson

    Low Cost DAC with clock in/out.

    For some experimentation, I am looking for low-priced DACs with (1) S/PDIF or AES/EBU input, (2) at least 24/192PCM capability and (3) clock input and output so that multiples can be synched. Low cost means <$500 but "less is more."
  7. Kal Rubinson

    Can there be an option to avoid confirming "Mark Forums Read"

    It is an unnecessary bother to me.
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