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    JBL Studio 530 Speaker Review

    300 for cables 750 for speakers 1000 for headphones according to some company i saw reviewd here
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    HTD Level THREE Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Is this why my uncle who lost his hearing 30 years ago like these so much???
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    Beware of Certain 8k Receivers for Gaming

    Panasonic make these chips for all receiver companies and they refuse to fix this for almost a year now for no reasons. Costco pulled the 8k receiver from Yamaha from their site after a lot of customer complaints
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    Revel M106 speaker got dinged.

    I say try to go to a painters shop and have they professionally paint it for you
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    Beware of Certain 8k Receivers for Gaming

    We been know this since beginning of year. Check the thread here
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    Beware of Certain 8k Receivers for Gaming

    This old news but thanks for the info
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    [US] Some audio stuffs for sale

    1. Loxjie A30 like new in box comes with everything $140 plus shipping 2. 24V 10A power supply for the Loxjie selling separately for $25 but will include if bundle for $157 plus shipping with the amp 3. JBL stage a130 very good condition will ship in original box - $185 plus shipping Pics...
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    Apple AirPods Max Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    Yikes. I thought Apple hired a bunch of Harman employees to work on this headphone.
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    Listening at Night vs. Day

    What cables are you using
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    I bought a new expensive shirt and i felt different too. Not better just different. Probably because the old ones didnt fit anymore since i got fat.
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    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    looks like this model is discontinuted
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    Amir at your door for random ASR system evaluation

    I bought what he recommended so Id reckon he will just give me a thumb up and leave
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    Is Jay talking about Amir?

    I hope all this Finns talk are sarcastic. I honestly can't tell.
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    SOLD!!!: JBL 4349 Speakers for Sale SOLD!!!

    Great speakers. Personally too big for me but Amir you have some great gears that youve tested that might be good to put on sale. I appreciate posts like these
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    SMSL VMV A2 Review (Stereo Amplifier & DAC)

    As always buying anything expensive from a chinese mfg is a crapshoot as far as support and warranty goes. Performance seems respectable though.
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    Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Review (Headphone)

    Why do people write long 50 pages paragraph just to say trust your ears. This is SOooooo BORING.
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    Morrow SP3 Review (Speaker Cable)

    Great cable i ordered 100 for my dogs
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