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  1. Lavawood

    WTB: integrated or stereo amp and analog pre

    My integrated took a crap I need a stand in, stereo 100 watts plus 2 analog, one mm phono
  2. Lavawood

    Resurrected amp, RCM3

    I was watching a movie and when it was over, it quit. It’s not the fuses, cord, outlet or power tubes. Upon closer inspection, this potted doodad bolted to the chassis, connected to the input transformer looks cooked. Any ideas?
  3. Lavawood

    Logistic Map, Audio perception and the Feigenbaum constant

    I’m in over my head here , but I’ve seen this video and I’m fascinated by the link to vision as seen about 12-15 minutes in regarding the Feigenbaum constant. Is it possible that our auditory capability might be affected by factors like this? If our brains can be impacted by certain frequencies...
  4. Lavawood

    16, starting an electrical engineering path, advice please

    I want to get my son into this DIY Streaming Kit business. He’s in an engineering program in Chicago. He’ll be getting into PLC’s and I want to get him motivated and competent. Do we start down the hifi berry or khadas path? Are there other options? I can’t seem to read fast enough in this...
  5. Lavawood

    Mains Transformer Hum, Help!

    I have a new 100 watt tube amp. I can hear the mains’ transformer 10 feet away. The retailer and manufacturer state hum is normal, from inches away. During movie dialogue and quiet passages in music, it sounds like there’s a fluorescent ballast in the room. I’ve tried grounded and ungrounded...
  6. Lavawood

    iPhone spectrum analyzer

    What is the best spectrum analyzer for iPhone? I have an iPhone 10, is the microphone sensitive down to 10 Hz? How high will is go? Would spl measurements be accurate?
  7. Lavawood

    Dayton SA1000 Subwoofer Controller

    Ever needed an amplifier for a passive sub? Want to run your car sub in your home? Want to build a sub yourself? You came to the right place! Presented here for your consideration: The Dayton SA1000 Subwoofer Controller! $300 shipped Cronus including PayPal G&S 1kW into 4 Ohm 12v trigger...
  8. Lavawood

    PC / USB / DAC clocking

    What is the best USB signal from a PC? is a product like this overkill...
  9. Lavawood

    Khadas Tone Board -Thank you ASR!!!

    Just hooked up a new KTB from Digi-Key, Windows 10 / Tidal Hifi. I’m feeding a Rogue Cronus Magnum 3. This DAC is definitely on par with the Qutest!! Thank you ASR!
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  11. Lavawood

    Old Noob in Savannah

    New to this amazing forum. I’ve been a long time enthusiast. I started with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.3’s. After 22 years I recently rebuilt them with all new drivers. Most of that time I used mid level sources through Bryston 4BSST. I thought it was awesome the whole time. 2 years ago, I...
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