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  1. pwjazz

    How to Turn an LG V20 into a dedicated DAP (and general owners' discussion)

    I use an LG V20 as my main phone and love the sound quality and user experience when running Neutron Player. It's got enough power for my full size cans yet remains quiet with my IEMs. Compared to every DAP I've tried, having a modern Android OS provides a much better user experience, and it's...
  2. pwjazz

    Should ASR bother testing stuff with mediocre manufacturer specs?

    Every now and then I come across a review like this AVR review which essentially proves that a device with mediocre specs produces mediocre measurements. Honest question--is there any value to this kind of review? Seeing measurements for devices with missing or incomplete manufacturer specs...
  3. pwjazz

    AKG K371 Impressions

    TLDR; Comfortable, well enough built, decent isolation, easy to drive, sounds good as-is and great with EQ. Build, Accessories and Comfort Built entirely out of matte plastic and vinyl, the K371 doesn’t look or feel premium the way that my DT 1990 does. Even my HD58X feels a bit more premium...
  4. pwjazz

    Distortion from Software ?!

    This will require some further digging, but I got a weird result just now that I need to share. I was taking measurements to spot-check some EQ settings I've made for my LCD2C today. Measurements are taken on a MiniDSP E.A.R.S. with Room Eq Wizard, using the MiniDSP HEQ compensation (similar to...
  5. pwjazz

    Is there any theoretical reason why open-back over-ear headphones should be able to outperform IEMs after EQ'ing?

    I know it's a pretty open ended question, but it seems that the general consensus on a lot of discussion boards is along the lines of "open back over-ears deliver the best possible sound, although some expensive IEMs can get close". What confuses me is this ... I use three primary headphones...
  6. pwjazz

    Can anyone here explain headphone speed and why it wouldn't be affected by digital equalization?

    This is one of those audiophile terms that's hard to unpack but used pretty frequently. I've gone wild with digital EQ lately and run across people who maintain that headphone speed is somehow inherent to the hardware and unaffected by EQ. The closest thing I can think of for an objective...
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