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  1. xarkkon

    Buchardt S400 Speaker Review

    Looking at the 2 crossovers, there might be some visual minor differences between the circuit. The upgrade looks like it has 1 less resistor and 1 less inductor compared to the standard one. (Picture of the upgrade from Buchardt's site. Picture of the normal crossover found randomly via google)
  2. xarkkon

    My DIY Music Streamer. Raspberry Pi + PecanPi (Orchard Audio) + piCorePlayer

    That's really beautiful work. Congratulations! How are you enjoying it?
  3. xarkkon

    DIY Streamer

    I second the rpi + hifiberry DAC with volumio suggestion. I've got one of those and another with an external dac and a touchscreen. hard to go wrong with those.
  4. xarkkon

    My re-engineered desktop stands

    Nice! that's a lot of screens in one room. heh.
  5. xarkkon

    Driver choice for a shallow subwoofer

    Wow, that's a really beautiful build! I haven't gotten down to mine as yet as started on building other projects instead. Very inspired by yours now. Are the gaps above and below the minidsp amp plate intentional?
  6. xarkkon

    Dayton Copperheads

    congrats on the build! nice white paint job too. i'm currently teaching my kids to build speakers using the copperheads too. such a convenient build to work with. did you use both inductors to smooth out the high end? Or just the main inductor?
  7. xarkkon

    CSS Audio Criton 1TD-X Build Log

    Looking forward to the build! How are you thinking of finishing them up?
  8. xarkkon

    Audioquest Niagara 1200 Review (Power Conditioner/Surge Protector)

    Kudos to the owner of the product for being brave enough to send these across for review! Thank you for your sacrifice!
  9. xarkkon

    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    Ah! I would if I were in the States and can easily have it shipped back to me after. Darned international shipping rates...
  10. xarkkon

    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    @Rick Sykora is this something you're still doing? I recently started getting interested in Bagby's Helix Dome MTMs. Was surprised to see >90 db sensitivity down to 40 hz on bookshelf speakers. I'm much more used to seeing sub 85 db sensitivity with the XLS Encore and C Notes. Is this something...
  11. xarkkon

    Potentially receiving some drivers, no idea what to do with them though!

    Thanks both! That's quite some information to digest. And you're so right @alex-z, all those steps and tools and software are a huge step up from what I'm used to. Guess I need to start from scratch and study, or just stick to kits. Heh. Based on all that information, it really seems like the...
  12. xarkkon

    Potentially receiving some drivers, no idea what to do with them though!

    Apologies in advance for my noobness as I've only built 2 DIY kits so far (C Notes and XLS Encore). Recently someone offered to pass me a pair each of: Tannoy M3 Eminence APT 80 I'm hoping I can use them to build another pair of speakers. Problem is, I've got no idea how to go about doing it...
  13. xarkkon

    Shanling UA2 Aborted Review (DAC & Amp)

    Broken Science Review? Might as well!
  14. xarkkon

    JL ELectronics Sylph-D200 Amplifier Module Review

    count me in for that too! would love to have an all-in-one kit to put together. the case that Amir received looks pretty nice for a DIY kit :) @jlesterp congrats on a the great review / product!
  15. xarkkon

    Electromagnetic Interference in Speaker Cables? (video)

    Good points indeed. Had alluded in my post that the change could very well have been intentionally engineered in through "other" means as well for marketing as something better. I'll try again at home one day when I do have the gear!
  16. xarkkon

    Polk T50 Review (Floor Standing Speaker)

    How many reviews are you producing a day? Man! You're on a roll! (Yes, dirty rooms are perfectly fine...)
  17. xarkkon

    KEF LSX Review (Wireless Speaker)

    Interesting review and outcome! I'm assuming the preference rating is what it is because of the dip post 8k? Does that dip impact the listening experience subjectively? I do agree that apart from the 3 flaws (port resonance, post 8k dip, and farfield listening), the measurements look...
  18. xarkkon

    Find my sub!

    Very cool stuff! Any close up photo angles of the final product and how it all looks on the inside? :)
  19. xarkkon

    ZRT speaker build

    really beautiful speakers, well done!
  20. xarkkon

    Pandemic Builds

    Thanks for loving the thread! Loving the builds so far. Here are my contributions: C Notes Bottlehead Crack with Speedball GR Research XLS Encore
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