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    Laurel & Hardy, 3 Stooges, Abbott & Costello, Marx Brothers, ???

    Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, Walter Matthau & Jack Lemmon
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    Feliks Audio Arioso amplifier, or: Stereophile slides into irrelevance

    I find the review highly entertaining, with lot of interesting musical references. Great review in spirit of Sound Practices magazine.
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    Horns - Necessary to complete the Audiophile Journey?

    Klipsch meets Altec meets Jbl? :)
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    U-Turn Pluto 2 Review (Phono Preamp)

    Is it 1 stage? That's quad opamp in there - lm837.
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    Ken Fritz - Audiophile Documentary

    There are also new speakers - bullet tweeter, 4x 6" midbass & 15" woofer?
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    What is on your workbench right now?

    It was measured in-room at ca 1m. Loudspeaker drive unit center at ca. 1m height. Controls set to rolloff 0, energy -1. Audiomatica Clio microphone, terratec dmx 6fire usb soundcard, rew sw. Mic level was uncalibrated, level was probably around 80db. It would probably look nicer if I used mmm...
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    How holographic can a soundstage be?

    One old audiophile's thoughts about topic ;)
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    Best spec ADC Chip currently.... ??

    I got the es9102 with a datasheet as a gift when it was already obsolete so no contact or support from ess. Fortunately it turned out alright. Got a button to select riaa (works only @48khz), 48, 96 or 192khz. :)
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    Best spec ADC Chip currently.... ??

    Well, I'm using it with simple low noise linear preamp like a phono preamp to listen to phono in real time.
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    Best spec ADC Chip currently.... ??

    @IVX, would you include RIAA filter in Cosmos? Few years ago I needed ADC to be able to connect turntable and fm tuner to my preampless system and made small ADC based on ES9102+OPA1632+arduino control. It works OK. But me being a dentist and you being EE, I guess your Cosmos would be in a...
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    What is on your workbench right now?

    Refurbished Tannoy Devon (HPD315 drive refoamed). Frequency response at ca. 1m (not bad for almost half century old loudspeakers)
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    JBL 4349 Review (Studio Monitor Speaker)

    What's strange to me in that video was that at 500W/bass heavy music I couldn't see bass membrane moving. From my expirience with that kind of power and music there should be at least 1cm membrane excursion. :oops:
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    Nice. Just vertical scale should be corrected- usually it's 50dB not 120dB.
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    My granddad manufactured them by copper spinning. They are tinned inside. I still have couple of those :)
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    Pass ACA Class A Power Amplifier Review

    Or Salons have somewhat narrow soundstage :D
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    (Audiophile) americana and country music? Who likes it? Recommendations?

    Merle Haggard - Chill Factor, If I Could Only Fly
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    Unusual Speaker Designs

    That's Alessandro Schiavi with his Karis Wave. Very nice sounding speaker.
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    Share your in-room measurements?

    It's really odd to have these narrow band peaks with mmm measurements.
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    You mean "Sacher"? Melange is just bland capuccino:p
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