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    Aperion Audio Verus III Concert V8T Tower - Released with SPL vs Freq

    Aperion recently released their new Verus III Concert V8T Tower (for pre-order anyway). With their new release they published some of the spin data. I don't believe they have done this before. How does this look? I am genuinely curious because it looks pretty good to my untrained eye. User @a_p...
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    How important in phase control on a subwoofer?

    I have been watching some of Erin's Audio Corner reviews and his recent interview with Audioholics. He is one of the premier subwoofer review guys. In a number of his pieces he mentions the importance of having phase control on the subwoofer (he has gone further to say 0 degree and 180 degree is...
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    Large open space: How do I get sufficient sub response?

    My home theater is in an open concept living room. One side is open to the dining room, kitchen, and laundry room. The back has stairs to the second floor, which cannot be closed off. I suspect it is about 1000 sq ft (w/ 9 ft ceilings). My question is how to best get an even subwoofer response...
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    Amazon Warehouse Deals: Major cosmetic damage

    I often look at amazon warehouse deals for speakers because I can get a substantial discount. I recently saw a speaker on sale with "major cosmetic damage". My question is whether it would be wise to buy a speaker with such damage. For example, is it possible that whatever damaged the shell...
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    Towers VS bookshelves: Can people hear the differences?

    Many bookshelf speakers have scored extremely well on preference scores, even better than towers in many cases. There are many reasons to buy bookshelf speakers and many reasons to buy towers. But if bookshelf speakers receive better preference scores, are cheaper, and people really can't tell...
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    Child safety: Bookshelf speakers on stands vs. tower speakers

    I have been oscillating back in forth between tower and bookshelf speakers for an upgrade (I currently have large towers). In some ways I would prefer bookshelf speakers because you don't have to pay as much for shipping, you can buy one model up the chain compared to towers etc. My question is...
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    miniDSP UMIK-2

    Hi All, I saw that miniDSP recent came out with the UMIK-2. I am newer to measurement; Do you think it would be worth buying this version over the UMIK-1? miniDSP UMIK-2 - USB Reference Measurement Microphone Warthor
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    The goals and functions of Mini DSP HD 2x4

    I am watching a youtube video from Home Theater Gurus on the use of the Mini DSP HD 2x4 and REW. I think I understand the steps to go through to help subwoofer placement and balance. But I am a bit confused on the purpose and its use, though. I am planning to purchase one of these devices to get...
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    Monitor Audio

    Reading on other audio websites and other recommendations I often see Monitor Audio mentioned (e.g., on the recommended list on the home theater reddit). On the other hand I have never seen it mentioned here. What is the perspective on monitor audio here?
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    KEF R3 vs R5

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for the great content on this website. I have just began to try to take some of it in and make better purchases with the expert help of this site. One question I had was regarding the very well-reviewed KEF R3. I have the opportunity to purchase the KEF R5 for the same price...
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