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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Hi. I have got my su9 now. Tdy is the second or third day. the su9 is still below 50 hrs in working. When the su9 arrives, I use the rca from zen DAC to change to su9--> zen can. But!!!!!!! I can tell the difference between ifi zen DAC and su9 is clear. su9 sounds much more clean darker in the...
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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    For the second question, the DAC Bluetooth is only for receiving signal... so u can send the signal to su9 via Bluetooth but can only output signal in rca and xlr.
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    Topping A30Pro Review (Balanced Headphone Amp)

    With the destroyer l30 by topping, i would probably wait at least a year to see if a30pro is also a protential iem destroyer before i buy it
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    SMSL SU-9 Balanced DAC Review

    Hi I am new to the DAC world so please forgive me if I say something wrong Recently I am using ifi zen DAC can combo with dt880 pro 250ohms and also iems+active speaker. I am looking for a DAC to replace my ifi zen DAC as I would like to have a more clear and detailed sound. Is smsl su9 a great...
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