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    Duevel Bella-Luna "Omnidirectional" speakers

    Wonder if you have plans to review speakers such as these - Interesting to me, especially since they look so artsy :) ...And also how "omnidirectional" measures.
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    Roon + Tidal in exclusive mode vs. Spotify

    Hello, So I've read here that same content isn't discernable between Tidal and Spotify. I wonder, is Tidal HiFi/Roon + Tidal HiFi in Exclusive Mode is measurably different (better) than Spotify which goes through the Windows audio stack? Further assumptions: Windows audio device is set to...
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    Help with Digital Bass Management summing formulas and other considerations

    In a JRiver thread there was a discussion about JRiver's BM formulas, for example - L^2 + R^2 + C^2 + SR^2 + SL^2 = LFE^2, from a post by Matt, JRiver's CTO): The thread continued long and strong about requirements for +10dB LFE attenuation and other important considerations like slopes...
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    Science behind claim of MS OS Mixer bypass necessity?

    I mainly refer to shared mode / exclusive mode. But also integrated in WASPI vs. System output (Direct Sound?) vs. ASIO drivers. Is there a difference if no oversampling occure (e.g. content is equal to configured in device settings)? Is the OS mixer volume implementation good? Were...
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    Power Bank that is always connected to a charger - effective?

    Hi all, In measurements threads, an option to use a power bank for USB powered DACs is mentioned. The advantage - stable power. The disadvantage - having to charge the power bank from use to use / time to time. I wonder - 1. Do we know if, while connected to a wall charger, the power bank...
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    Science behind iFi AC iPurifier - what do you think?

    Active Noise Cancelation - The AC iPurifier is the latest product to have onboard ANC. As its name suggests, it ACTIVELY cancels the noise which makes it one of the power accessories, if not the only one, that actively cancels noise.
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