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    paper: Sound Spectrum Influences Auditory Distance Perception of Sound Sources Located in a Room Environment TLDR: A Genelec 8020B doing the electric slide! A single speaker was moving down a wall and people had to guess where it was at playing diff. freqs.. What I find neat are the places where we are sensitive always fall outside...
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    desk tower 3way WIP.. (BlieSMa t25b + ETON 3-212 + Seas l26roy) + Hypex + PE boxes

    TLDR: the speaker uses a laser cut baffle to hold the tweeter/mid on the smallest denovo box. The box uses edge moulding to form the 44mm radius. All of that sits on the top of a sub that is on a stand. …It is a stacked 3way will sit on each side of my desk. I wanted a nice set of speakers for...
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    BlieSMa T25A-6, T25B-6, T25D-6, T25S-6 - a comparison of dome materials I thought this was a really neat writeup about some high-end tweeters. For me, the most interesting part was how silk performed. T25A-6 = Aluminium + magnesium T25B-6 = beryllium T25D-6 = diamond T25S-6 = silk Thanks...
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    paper: "Ultrathin Acoustic Metasurface-Based Schroeder Diffuser" Super cool! Thanks to Yifan Zhu, Xudong Fan, Bin Liang, Jianchun Cheng, and Yun Jing.
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