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    Review: Apple vs Google USB-C Headphone Adapters

    Apple is known and has been for a long time as having better Dacs than your average Windows laptop.
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    Connaker says: "Sonos PORT NOT Bit Perfect" !! Do you/we care?

    The Port has many reviews citing poor sound quality and the price is idiotic for what it is.
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    Topping L30 or JDS Atom

    That you even have to ask that question tells me you should go for the Atom. Topping reminds me of Hifiman. Both have lots of reliability issues and next to no technical support.
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    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    Yeah I don't get why measuring with worn pads is a good idea.
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    Top 5 streamer devices by ASR community

    What about the privacy aspect of Chromecast? I would no more use this than an open Google mic in my house. I prefer Airplay anyway.
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    Apple's first high-end headphones

    I’m talking about the M4s which I have recently heard. What a mess. DSP all over the place. Ugh. I have tried the 3s but they can’t be much better. Having to use a 3rd party dsp to get them to sound decent is not something I want to do. The AirPod max sounds dramatically better. DSP done right.
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    How much better is the KEF LS50 Wireless 2 vs 1 (In terms of pure sound quality)

    This isn’t answering the question but I have to say my experience with the original wireless was not good. They died on me multiple times and I had to send them to Kef at my expense plus Kef customer service was terrible. Never again. You will see many others with the same complaint.
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    Sonos Five

    my paired ones never go above 50% volume. I don’t need them to since they are bedroom speakers and sound starts to fall apart after that.
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    Sonos Five

    RTings is not good. They knowingly published faulty Sonos arc measurements and left them up for months saying they didn’t have time tog et to it.
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    Sonos Five

    Look up Peter pee on You Tube. Extensive measurements. I’ve never had to go above halfway on my Fives but that’s me. paired Ones that are true played sound pretty darn good for the price but don’t want to go above 50 percent volume with this as they fall apart quickly. But for the size and...
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    Sonos Five

    I’m just now reading this but seeing your previous posts I was thinking did he do trueplay? Also check darkos site for additional comments after his video. He realized he missed some things. I’ve been quite happy with stereo Five’s. Clean versatile great sounding solutions without a lot of fuss.
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    THX Onyx Review (headphone adapter)

    It is a much better product than any of the Dragonflys including the Cobalt.
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    Why Roon?

    Just like all the other app stores by many other companies who also charge the same cut.
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Would be nice but Roon user base would not be of interest to Apple. Way too small for a mass market company with a lot of features your average consumer has no interest in and would get in their way..
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    As an IT Architect I can tell you that Apple is constantly hiring AWS architects...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Totally agree on the Max. Great soundstage too.
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Correct, Apple has stated this. My Apple TV is my only source of content and I have the new one coming Friday. Looking forward to using it with my Home theater Atmos :-) Tidal's Apple TV app already does Atmos from Apple TV...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Nope. Pirating music drove the music stores out of business. Spotify has not remotely driven iTunes out off business since it still exists and still sells music which I buy all the time. All that happened was Apple broke up iTunes because it was too unwieldy with all the added functionality...
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    I will dump Tidal for sure and sadly Roon too since they don't work with Apple Music. I will miss Roons information about what you are playing though. Spotify is crap as far as I am concerned (treat artists badly, lots of junk tracks, poor codec, no feature like iTunes Match) and I switched to...
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