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    Monitor Audio Home Theater speakers

    Hey all, I am having consultations with home theater installers to set up a in-wall dolby atmos system and my first installer works with Monitor Audio components. I tried doing some internet sleuthing to get Spin data on the components to help me decide but no luck. The closest I found was this...
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    Plex Pro week online events Sept 13-17

    Looks like Plex is hosting a series of online events with experts on how to get the most/more out of your Plex server, players, and features. A couple events that this community might find valuable: Dylon Smith on 9/15 on Plexamp. Jason Watts on 9/14 on...
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    Denon announced 3 port 8k HDMI 2.1 switcher

    Denon just announced a new outboard 3 port HDMI 2.1 switching box you can plug into your x700 series avrs and the 8500
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    Atlanta Jazz festival on Qwest Live tv.

    Plex just sent me a notification that the Atlanta Jazz festival is being broadcast on Qwest Live TV. If you are a Plex subscriber you can access it for free in their Live TV section. Here is their website for folks who just want to access the Channel directly or are not interested in doing it...
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    Plexamp adds AI driven library and playlist features for Plex Pass users

    The below is the copy from the following article: "Super Sonic: Get Closer to Your Music in Plexamp! Today we’re announcing a massive server upgrade for Plex Pass subscribers who have discovered our awesome dedicated...
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    Sold: Lgv10 unlocked GSM phone for sale $50+shipping

    Hello, I am selling my LGV10 with Spigen protective case for $50+shipping within the continental US. It is unlocked GSM (originally T-mobile) 64GB storage black. It has a microsd card slot, user replaceable battery, headphone jack, and runs Android 7. Everything works great and I replaced the...
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    Peleton now the highest paying streaming service

    In more news about how the music business is just a mess for artists... "Why Peloton pays artists more per play than Spotify and Apple Music."...
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    Tidal reportedly enabling bit-perfect playback to USB DAC on Android

    According to this article there appears to be a new version of the Tidal app that enables bit-perfect playback to a USB DAC just like UAPP. I have not yet been able to confirm this using on my Pixel 3 with my Dragonfly Red and Dragontail USB dongle. I am running version 2.43.0 downloaded from...
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    Unplug your WD MyBook Live NAS

    Western Digital recommends unplugging your MyBook Live external network attached storage device from the internet as they are getting taken over by malware that can wipe your data by performing a factory reset. If you are using one of these to store your music library I would power it down and...
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    what is the correct way to calculate the crossover frequency and slope between two drivers?

    I was wondering how someone should go about calculating and setting the correct crossover frequency and slope between two drivers? What is the theory and research to subscribe to? what driver information do I need? and what is the calculation you should use to decide? Applications I am thinking...
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    Denon and Marantz offer HDMI 2.1 upgrades

    On Denon x8500 and Marantz 8805 receivers for $600.
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    Audio technica voluntary recall charging case for ath-ck3tw

    If you have these headphones you can request a replacement charging case.
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    Why don't manufacturers provide frequency response data to consumers?

    I recently emailed customer service for the manufacturer of my speakers (polk) requesting the frequency response data. I explained I wanted to use it so I could apply equalization to get my preferred response. I provided the speaker serial numbers as well. Their polite response was...
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    Yougov publishes most popular streaming music platforms in key markets globally

    In the US: Youtube is #1, Spotify is #2, Pandora is #3. In GB: Spotify is #1, Youtube is #2, Amazon Music is #3. In FR: Youtube#1, Spotify is #2, Deezer is #3. In India: Youtube is #1, Amazon Music is #2, Gaana is #3...
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    Amir needs a Clubhouse channel

    I just heard Clubhouse is having a moment. Time for @amirm and some of the other folks who measure and catalog audio performance to set up a clubhouse voice chat room and let us all listen in and ask questions and talk to each other. It's...
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    The Shack is Back

    Radio Shack has been reincarnated with both online and brick and mortar stores.
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    Sennheiser looking to sell consumer audio business
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    how to tell if my audible distortion is due to speaker or amp or something else?

    Hi All, On a specific song when I turn up the volume on my system to a reasonably loud level ~80db at my listening position (1m), I can hear distortion static and buzzing in the speaker when the rhythm and lead guitars strum. Not the intentional kind of guitar distoration. The static kind that...
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    open source av receiver projects?

    Hi, I was staring at my 10 year old Mac pro (tower of power/cheesegrater) and my ability to keep it relevant all these years by swapping out cards and upgrading ram and hard drives and wondered "Is there an equivalent project for AV pre processors? Maybe an open source OS for AV pre/pros that...
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    Tidal announces Tidal Connect

    Edit: Offical Tidal page: It looks like Tidal has created a similar functionality to Spotify Connect where you can use the Tidal app as a control point or remote control to play music on supported devices. Previously it supported Chromecast casting. I'm not sure about...
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