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    Best speakers for the Topping D90SE?

    +1. The only limitation of these is the maximum spl. So if you want to fill a big room there may be a better option. If not then these will be great. Also budget would help to know what range to stay in. For example I could recommend the Revel Salon2s as a better choice but, they require an amp...
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    Monitor Audio Home Theater speakers

    Thanks Kal. I appreciate your transparency.
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    RPi USB vs HAT S/PDIF output

    I use a hidiberry spdif hat on my pi3 because the music stream would drop out, click and pop when I tried to use USB. The spdif interface works great for me so I haven't bothered with trying to solve the problem using a pi4.
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    Monitor Audio Home Theater speakers

    @Kal Rubinson I found some of your reviews and measurements on stereophile for the silver series freestanding loudspeakers. would you be willing to provide your opinion? Your conclusion was favorable and the measurements...
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    Monitor Audio Home Theater speakers

    Hey all, I am having consultations with home theater installers to set up a in-wall dolby atmos system and my first installer works with Monitor Audio components. I tried doing some internet sleuthing to get Spin data on the components to help me decide but no luck. The closest I found was this...
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    Musical Fidelity MX-DAC Review (Balanced DAC)

    Sure. I see the headless panther as something broken or otherwise not functioning as expected or advertised. I see the piggybank panther as someone selling snake oil or a device that doesn't live up to the marketing promise or can't because the problem it solves is fake so they are trying to...
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    Bookshelf speakers near a wall

    fantastic choices! Very envious!
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    Show us your Car Stereos

    I swapped my 2015 CX9 stock Bose system for the set below. My wife wanted modern bluetooth performance. :) Car Toys installed the head unit and the amplifier and crossovers in the stock location for the CX9 (inside the rear quarter panel sheet metal). I installed the speakers in the stock...
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    Musical Fidelity MX-DAC Review (Balanced DAC)

    aside from the linearity, the price, and the incorrect SINAD on the website, I can't see why this DAC gets a headless panther. Amir could you provide some additional specifics on what parts are broken? I do agree it's an uncompetitive DAC at an uncompetitive price. Maybe it's clumsy chef panther?
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    My Dog - pet thread

    This is Pepper the Pandemic Puppy and Lola the cat. They do not care what I listen to as long as there are treats and pets to be had.
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    System-Wide SINAD?

    Yep I'm with you. Is the system just the sum of the parts or does the upstream performance have an oversized effect on the downstream components? I don't know. On preference scores and enjoyment, our host has also created a video on this you can watch to learn about the research that the...
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    Subwoofer underneath desk?

    My sub is under my desk and it works great. Definitely better than no sub.
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    Some Help with First DAC/amp/HP Please

    I would not run a cable from your desktop to your listening room. I'd recommend using a streaming endpoint and just use wifi to serve your music to your listening room. There are many ways to do this. Apple airplay and Chromecast are the most well known ways. If you are using headphones with a...
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    System-Wide SINAD?

    Thanks for the additional info. Based on your speakers I would say adding a subwoofer would increase your enjoyment the most.
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Really do want to see the variable cost of some of these luxury speaker cables to see what the reasonable selling price should be p
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    System-Wide SINAD?

    I'd recommend you watch Amirs YouTube videos on measuring and rating speakers. It's a great primer on where speaker preference scores come from, and the dimensions used to measure and evaluate a speaker..and why you should care about both the anechoic frequency response and the expected in room...
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    System-Wide SINAD?

    Ah. If your question is what to upgrade next to improve your sound then definitely room correction and speaker equalization. Dirac is the best in the business for that. So yes you should add that before spending money on anything else.
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    System-Wide SINAD?

    I'd rather take the speaker and our ears out of the equation and measure the difference in information going into the speaker input if there is a way to do that? That would tell us, in a speaker and room agnostic way, if our audio chain has measurably different information going to the speaker...
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