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  1. CDMC

    NHT X2 Crossover-Sold

    NHT X2 Crossover in great condition. I recently overhauled my system and no longer need. Both balanced and single ended inputs and outputs. Shipping estimated at $30, includes wall wart and original box and packing materials.
  2. CDMC

    Sold- Sunfire Stereo Amp- Recent Full Service- $950

    Original Sunfire Stereo amplifier that I have owned for 18 years. In 2018, I sent it to Bill Flannery who is Bob Carver's preferred repair person for a check over, tune up, and capacitor replacement. It works wonderfully, but the light for the meter just went out. I have a spare light which...
  3. CDMC

    Lmax, LCpeak, Power Needs, and Digital Clipping

    I have hit the limit of my knowledge and in researching have been unable to come up with answers. Fortunately, there are those here who are far more knowledgeable, so I am hoping someone can provide the answers. Here it goes: I have calibration levels set for both my systems for reference...
  4. CDMC

    Garage Systems

    I figured since we have threads with different systems, we should do one with garage systems. I spend a fair amount of time in my garage, so like to have some decent tunes in there where I am working. Over time various pieces that aren't being used for other things have ended up in the garage...
  5. CDMC

    Cleanup- General Audio Forum

    We have been attacked. You would think someone who goes through the trouble of spamming would actually post something intelligible.
  6. CDMC

    Dynaudio X12- Black Ex Condition

    I picked these up because I always wanted a pair and they are wonderful speakers. I have since replaced them with a pair of Philharmonic Audio Monitors, so they just sit on the shelf looking sad. For their size, they have amazing bass output and work great for a desktop. I have all the...
  7. CDMC

    Stereos We Used to Have (Fun)

    I thought this might be fun. What did you used to have? What was your first setup? I will start, this is my system circa 1995-1996 when I was in grad school. It was: Dual Turntable- $40 used. Aiwa Cassette Deck- Approx $150 new. Parasound EQ- Never really used by was free, so why not...
  8. CDMC

    FS VTV NC252MP- Sold

    I decided that I wanted an amp with a power switch on the front so I didn't have to keep lifting my monitor to turn it on and off. Yes, I am a bit lazy. This is a VTV I purchase in June and since have replaced the XLR connectors with Switchcraft and installed a new XLR to board wiring harness...
  9. CDMC

    NAD M22v2 Internal Photos

    Inquiring minds wanted to know, so here are some shots. No clue what the vertical board is between the power supply and amp side boards, but there is definitely shielding between the two sides.
  10. CDMC

    Magnepan 3.5R with Mye Stands- $2500 Sale Pending

    I never thought there would be a day when I would sell my Magnepans. The day has come. After 20+ years of large Magnepans, I have downsized to some Revels. I am the second owner of this pair. In 2018, never expecting to sell them, I shipped them back to Magnepan and had them rebuilt. At the same...
  11. CDMC

    Amazing Wireworld Speaker Cables- Even More Amazing Price (i.e. pay shipping and they are yours)

    Cleaning house. There were used in my system for years. One connection degraded as shown and so they went in the spares box (seeing the bang up job they did on the factory connections, this started my doing it myself, I can do that bad of a job). They can be set up biwire, split into two...
  12. CDMC

    Which Speaker Cables? A non life threatening question.

    This is intended as somewhat of a fun exercise. I currently use a pair of Wireworld Oasis 8 (might be 7s) cables that I solder terminated with beryllium copper low mass BFA Z-plug bananas. Why the Wireworld. Well, I purchased 30 feet of it for about $80 off of a spool a few years ago. Why...
  13. CDMC

    What to do with old Buyer's Guides and Magazines

    I have about 15 years worth of Stereo Review Buyer's Guides from the late 1980s through 1999, as well as Sound and Vision, a few from TAS, and Stereophile. I also have some old TAS and Stereophiles that I bought for reference years ago. Not much of this seems to be online. Anyone have a...
  14. CDMC

    Salk Song Surround v. Dynaudio X12

    For any that might be interested, I have a pair of Dynaudio X12s that I use on my desktop system. I am trying a pair of Salk Song Surrounds (a bit big). They initially sounded boring, but after a little time sounded more transparent and open. I decided to run some REW measurements to compare...
  15. CDMC

    Revel F206 v. F208 v. Dynaudio - Thoughts?

    Looking at speakers for my living room. I currently use Magnepan 3.5s crossed over over to a Rythmik F15HP, which I love, but am trying to find something a bit smaller (getting older and tired of hearing how big my speakers are from my significant other). I purchased a pair of Salk Sound 3s...
  16. CDMC

    VTV Hypex Ncore NC252MP (It's all Amir's fault)

    For the past couple of years I have used a Parasound Zamp .v3 for my desktop system and enjoyed it. While I have from time to time thought about upgrading it, its size and cool running have kept it in place. Then Amir had to go do his darn test of it. That was enough for me to start poking...
  17. CDMC

    Need Confirmation of Room Issues (Cross-posted at AVS Forums)

    Hi, I thought I would post this here also to get some feedback. So I have been looking a pair of new speakers for my main system. A little about it. I listen to music, no home theater. The room is 21 feet wide, 19 feet deep, with a cathedral ceiling that slopes from 10 to 18 feet. It open...
  18. CDMC

    Blue Jeans Cables Jumps the Shark

    Remember, when Blue Jeans Cables sold reasonably priced well made cables? Well they still do, next to their new Belden Icococlast cables for which they claim: “In bringing these Iconoclast cables to market, we hope to inject a bit of fresh air into the high-end audio cable world: serious...
  19. CDMC

    Why has Audio (and maybe all hobbies) become so hostile?

    First, I should start by saying that I am not trying to start some war, but am frustrated/confused by the hostility I see on some forums. I am posting this here, as I believe that there will actually be a thoughtful discussion that won't devolve into a war of insults. A little about me. I am...
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