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    Advice about Denon AVR (Denon AVR-X3700H)

    Store is trying to upsell u. Ignore their advice. I'd wait til Denon starts replacing their HDMI chip. In older/current AVRs it is buggy - doesn't work with 120Hz 4K HDMI. Also, Denon replaced AKM DAC chip in those receivers, and we haven't seen that measured. Either take risk, or wait for...
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    How did software development become so hard (Windows)???

    I'm in the same boat. But I do rigorous optimization routine every time I install Windows, since Windows XP times - applying registry tweaks, turning off bad services, turning off file sharing, putting temp files on RAMDisk etc etc. There are many free utilities which will do it for you...
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    To all of you coffemans, I give u alternative stimulating drink recipe. It's lemons and crushed ginger root. Keep it in hot water for some 15min to 1 hour and you will be blessed. My toes started moving while I was laying in bed! :D
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    Accurate and boring or colored and fun

    It is subjective topic. Some prefer A, others B. In my car, after lot of testing I prefer flat EQ, least objectionable and tiresome in long drives. At home, for phone FLAC files - I prefer Audiotechnica M40x headphones, though they r V-shaped. For speakers - the same, I prefer V-shape.
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    What is / are your most memorable camera(s)?

    Sony A6000. bought in 2013. Still going strong. Not my first digicamera but lasts longest so far. I had Canon and Sony point-n-shoots before which all broke eventually, and DLSR Pentax K10D with love-hate relationship.
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    Motherboard with good codec and integrated balanced line out and balanced line in

    You are trying to solve the problem which was already solved - look for motherboard with Optical SPDIF. There will be no electrical connection between PC/Mobo and your choice of DAC. Just pure light!
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    Tablet recommendation

    I'd look into "Android Stick" category, but most of them output sound via HDMI. U don't need screen. As for tablet - get a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.
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    Long term risks of storing/using monitors in garage?

    you should worry more about mice settling in the cabinets... :) jokes aside - temperature variation, water condensation (or freeze!) is gonna significantly shorten the life of any equipment.
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    VLC Media Player macOS - can't get bit perfect playback

    have u selected WASAPI ?
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    Is HD800S worth it over HD600 with 4.5x price difference?

    better yet get Sennheiser HD6xx from drop . com
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    What is the unreleased successor to AIYIMA A07?

    let me start - remote control, subwoofer out (with crossover), headphone out, equalizer .....
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    Chest Pain.

    Try this drink: crush 1 lemon (with skin) and 1 whole garlic - in mixer or manually. Heat in 1L of water until it boils. Steep. Filter. Drink. Do it daily at least for 2 weeks. Do some physical activity in 30 min after drinking. It will unclog your arteries. I have similar condition. It helped me.
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    Reviewing Speakers - Measurements and Listening Tests (Video)

    Thx, Amir! Is there any way to add impulse response mesurements to speaker routine? And, I know it is too much to ask, but teardowns are also very helpful, with reviewing crossover implementation details, and (gasp!) any problems with internal sound insulation materials, or lack of them. I guess...
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Could be combination of input-output impedance mismatch, over/under-voltage of audio signal, but the highs disappeared, sound became "rolled off". straight DAC to AMP - no issues. DAC -> E30 in Pre -> AMP - issues.
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Quick subjective review of A07. Bought one from Amazon without power supply, as I had one laying around from Alientek D8 days. I'm using caged power supply 24V 10A (akin to Meanwell) and 2.5mm-5.5mm ps plug. It is very loud with it. And runs very cool. Close to room temperature. Sound is loud...
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Judging from 32V and 48V test results - lower voltage, higher ampreage will produce least noise. You can mod cheap power supply by adding large electrolyte capacitor between + and - wires of DC. It will greatly reduce any 60 Hz modulation. I'm using caged power supply 24V 10A (akin to Meanwell)...
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    Aiyima A07 volume issue

    I'm facing the same issue with volume. But it's not bothering me. I still can set desired level.
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    Aiyima A07 upgrade to Schiit Vidar

    from 77w A07 to 20watt Vidar - it's a downgrade.
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    Which power supply should I pair with AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 amp?

    Thx! and to update - I found some other PS cable which fit nicely. My PS is like Meanwell - caged power supply, but without fan. So I rewired another cable to it. Everything works now. It's 24V 10A PS BTW. Aiyima A07 is very loud. Even with 24 volt.
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