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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    @Zek got it. Speakon is the usual speaker connector for pro audio, and from a technical performance point of view it should be more common in hifi. Benchmark claim measurably lower distortion than is common with spade lugs, bare wire or non-locking banana plugs, although you'd need a very low...
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    RPi USB vs HAT S/PDIF output

    There were known potential issues with the USB from a Pi <=3 but many people never experience them, and are happily using them without issue to this day. Funny you should say that - our host did a video about exactly that yesterday ;)...
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    IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Review (active monitor)

    As I understood it the whole thing was a political fudge so they could claim harmonization without actually changing anything on the ground. The nominal voltage changed, but the tolerances were chosen so that everyone could carry on without changing anything.
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    Help identifying Elac Sub 2050 service port

    I'm sure they can't be the only seller - that was just the first result from a web search for "mini-a otg cable" (not in quotes for the search!) Whether you need it depends on exactly what Elac did - various not-really-standard things were done by manufacturers at the time, as with the phone I...
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    Help identifying Elac Sub 2050 service port

    I did a quick search and found this, so apparently mini-A otg adapter cables are still available if you need one.
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    Top 5 streamer devices by ASR community

    Do you mean tests of streamers with digital (usb/spdif/toslink) outputs?
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    Help identifying Elac Sub 2050 service port

    What are you trying to connect to? IIRC the socket was designed to accept both the mini-A and mini-B plugs, switching between host mode and device mode depending on which was plugged in. I don't think there was a mini-AB plug at all. A to mini-B cables were common at the time, but I don't think...
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    When is a DAC or Amp audibly transparent?
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    ABX Blind Test and Level Matching

    I usually use a multimeter to match AC volts at the speaker terminals, using a sine wave source under 400Hz as some cheap meters don't work reliably at frequencies much above that. The source can be a test cd, software like REW or sox, or a media player playing some suitable test files. Make...
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    Pro-ject Pre Box DS2 DAC & Pre-amp Review

    Don't know - it's mentioned in the pdf you posted and recognizable from the internal photos so applies to that model at least. From the difference in power specs I'd guess the mono one uses the UcD250LP instead.
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    RF issue - insane noise from Logitech's Powerplay mat

    140hrs even with all the LEDs on, which would be a pretty serious session. You can also charge it using a cable. I suppose a charging cradle and pogo pins would have been too simple...
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    Pro-ject Pre Box DS2 DAC & Pre-amp Review

    Based on the UcD180LP rather than the newer and better measuring nCore models, so keep that in mind when comparing.
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    RPi Audio streamer with DSP AND analogue in. Anything available?

    I don't think any will do it off the shelf, but they could be modified if you have the skill.
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    WANTED: Topping Multichannel DAC (list your wants)

    Keep it simple - a D10b variant with 8 outputs (D108b or D10b-8 perhaps?) and overall volume control via USB that works reliably with linux. No need for the coax or toslink outputs.
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    Am I overestimating the capabilities of our readership? It seems a simple exercise for the reader with multiple options depending on what's at hand. Obviously it won't work in that case, but in the examples I've seen recently promoting opamp rolling they're handling one channel per opamp more...
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    DIY Streamer

    Check the review index - the HifiBerry is the only one I remember having balanced outputs. For random boards from Ali, eBay etc. you're rolling the dice as you'll see from some of the other hat DAC reviews. A lot of USB DACs are either bus powered, or suspend if there's no signal and wake when...
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    If you're doing uncontrolled listening tests there's a good chance you'll hear a difference even if the output is the same. That's just how the brain works, similar to seeing optical illusions. If you really want to know if it's audible then change the opamp in one channel only, check the levels...
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    Ground loop issue... with an audio cable?

    Seems more like a faulty cable than a ground loop to me.
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    Build a Virtual ASR System

    I'll have to see if a Pi Zero W can cope with Moode/CamillaDSP. Just add apple dongle and Sony MDR-Z110.
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    About RCA cables (again...)

    I don't. If they were digital cables there would be the jitter tests we see in the other digital cable review. Plus the Victoria is a stereo cable - 2 RCAs to an unidentified 5-pin - perhaps a DIN connector for use with Naim?
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