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    Question regarding AVRs built in room correction and using a 3rd party

    So I've never owned a full blown receiver before, but I want to get into it. I've read over many posts how Denons are basically to go-to receiver to get under $1500, but also to stay away from anything that doesn't have Audyssey XT32. I have some experience with EqualizerAPO for my desktop uses...
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    WTB - 1 Wavecrest HVL-1

    Looking for just 1 Wavecrest HVL-1 speaker for $100 shipped
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    Anyone have experience using a 16VAC 500mA plug for a JDS Atom?

    I recently emailed JDS Labs that I had a Schiit Cthulhu lying around and if it was compatible with a JDS Atom DAC/Amp stack. I was told yes, but may be slightly limited at high gain due to the 500mA limitation for the amp. Does anyone have experience with what kind of limitation this would be...
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