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  1. Rick Sykora

    New Purifi 6.5 midwoofer

    Purifi is previewing a new woofer and a couple of midranges based on the same improved IM tech as the original offerings. Here is the pic of the new woofer sporting an aluminum cone and better T/S parameters for vented alignments. More details here. One negative is a yet even higher price...
  2. Rick Sykora

    Getting Started with a QuantAsylum Audio Analyzer

    Per request on another thread from @peng, here is a list of key parts you will need to use a QuantAsylum 401 or 402 to measure the performance of other electronics: BNC loopback cables like these. These might be a bit short if you have larger hands, so may need to adjust length. 50 ohm...
  3. Rick Sykora

    VTV Purifi EVAL1 teardown and rebuild

    Based on Amir’s VTV amplifier teardown, I had posted some reworks on my used Hypex one. @Rottmannash liked what he saw and, after a brief conversation, decided to have me evaluate his VTV Purifi amp. The goal here is to improve build quality and safety - not to alter the any of the Hypex or...
  4. Rick Sykora

    Directiva r1 speaker build using Denovo flat pack

    So this is a build of the simpler Directiva speaker. I have not give much thought to a good naming scheme, so am calling it r1 for now. It is based on a Denovo cabinet sold by Parts Express (and others). If you...
  5. Rick Sykora

    Video on speaker measurements (notably resonance audibility)?

    Propose that a video that discusses a medium level of detail on speaker measurements would be helpful. Notably, I there seems to be a lot of confusion over when a (bad) resonance is audible or not. Might also be a good launch pad for one on room effects too. :)
  6. Rick Sykora

    Hypex announces price increase on Fusion Amps

    As their Fusion amps use AKM dsp chips, the AKM plant fire has forced them to do some chip buys at apparently higher prices that are being passed along to customers. If you are considering a purchase, may want to do before the price increase trickles down. In related news, the dsp options for...
  7. Rick Sykora

    NLA: Hypex NC502MP module for good price!

    So, first the caveat here is that this is my original module that has been known to cause popping when power is removed. It is still under warranty and Hypex agreed to swap it. However, the shipping is at my expense and the cost is making me reconsider the return. In any case, from my...
  8. Rick Sykora

    New Morel kit from Parts Express

    PE Flyer arrived in mail today and included a new budget speaker kit from Morel... At $189 each, not much more than the Dayton Samba. The cabinet has some interesting bracing and a real crossover is included. Not sure about the (clearly budget) drivers as they appear to be new. Still nice...
  9. Rick Sykora

    Open Source Platform Projects at ASR

    This is a place holder thread for high-level discussion about the vision for platform of open source projects. The genesis of this platform came from a late 2020 discussion over the identified need for a high quality DIY active speaker and a need for a streamer to support content for it. The...
  10. Rick Sykora

    Introducing Directiva - An ASR open source platform speaker project

    Towards the end of last year, @amirm and I started discussing a potential audio system project that would include an open source streamer and an active speaker design. I had already been working on a DIY modular speaker concept and planned to start a design based on it, but had some other...
  11. Rick Sykora

    Getting outside the box with speaker design

    For the purposes of quantifying speaker sound quality, we rely on a lot of established research. Some of that research is pretty old and to advance the state of the art, it is useful to get outside of the box. Found this AudioXpress article interesting, so thought I would share...
  12. Rick Sykora

    Can Purifi's SPK5 be improved with a passive radiator?

    In several instances on ASR, it has been stated that the Purifi's new 6 inch woofer is best with a passive radiator. They may answer this soon as I understand SPK6 will use its passive radiator (pr). Rick Craig used the SB 5x8 pr with the Purifi woofer in his Purezza. He also used it in his...
  13. Rick Sykora

    Yet another Purifi SPK5 speaker

    After shipping damage did in the first SPK5 speaker @sgoldwin sent to Amir to test, another was sent with the crossover mounted internally. The second had an unknown issue, but was sent to me to fix. I later identified the issue as an incorrect polarity marking on the crossover board. Not sure...
  14. Rick Sykora

    Yamaha TSR-7810 update temporarily disables wifi

    As it is in a secondary location, I do not use this AVR much. Since it supports Airplay, wanted to try it out. When I powered it up, it said a firmware update was needed. I hesitated as the update was via wifi, but took my chances. About 20 minutes later, the update completed successfully, I...
  15. Rick Sykora

    Best practices and tips for packaging speaker(s) for ASR testing

    After a couple of DIY speakers arrived in pieces, thought it might be helpful to share some helpful hints on how to get your speaker to Amir (and returned) intact: If you have polyurethane foam pieces from other shipments, they offer good protection for a speaker in a box. Notably if you can...
  16. Rick Sykora

    FS: Carmody S2000 speakers

    While I really like the birch cabinets and the way they sound, have to make room for the next DIY test speaker... One speaker is new and the other is one Amir tested. Both are tested, sanded and ready to be finished. Also cleaned up the extra sealant around the port. Asking $260 plus...
  17. Rick Sykora

    Sound United Closes the Deal, Acquires Bowers & Wilkins

    Whether you like B & W or not, not sure this bodes well...
  18. Rick Sykora

    SOLD: Proton AA-1150 Amplifier

    One beautiful vintage Proton amplifier for sale. Original owner, non-smoking home with only minor scratches, recently cleaned and tested. Output relays have been replaced. One recently sold on ebay for $450. Am asking $360 and will pay shipping within continental US. Here are pics... and...
  19. Rick Sykora

    Build of Bagby Mandolin speaker

    Hi folks! Have been sitting on these parts a bit while working on other projects. Now that I have some space, am gearing up. Am really interested to see how the Mandolin compares to others we have tested. Here is a look at the parts... This is the base kit from Meniscus. Nice solid SB...
  20. Rick Sykora

    Peddling Selah Integrity highly rated in ASR review!

    This is actually the speaker that was tested by Amir. Figured a little crosspost might help, see details here:
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