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  1. Killingbeans

    Interest check: Leather headbands for AKG K240/271 + clones

    My daily driver pair of headphones is a Samson SR850. I love the sound, but the wear comfort was not to my liking out-of-the-box. I have big ears and a bald head, and the SR850 has some relatively small and rough velour earpads and a hard plastic headband. I fixed the ear comfort with a set of...
  2. Killingbeans

    Purifi PTT6.5W04-01A 6.5" midwoofer

    First off I'd like to make it clear that transducers/drivers is a subject that my expertise doesn't cover very well. In other words, if I happen to ask some hopelessly trivial questions or get giddy about next to nothing, feel free to answer with something in the line of: "Read this book/article...
  3. Killingbeans

    Hi from an overconfident amateur!

    Hi everybody! Stubbled upon this site while looking for information about the Topping D50 and couldn't believe my luck :D I'm an Electronics Technician from Denmark who has mostly been working with non-audio things and predominantly in the digital domain, but my dad had caught the DIY Hi-Fi...
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