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  1. Krazywaffle

    Relationship between objective and subjective DAC quality?

    G’day all, Big fan of this forum so wanted to put my current conundrum “out there”. Recently obtained two used USB DACs that are both currently hooked up and being regularly switched for non-blind subjective assessment within my particular system. Subjective DAC test 1: PS Audio Digital Link...
  2. Krazywaffle

    Does Gustard U16 pass-thru multi-channel audio (AC3/DTS)?

    G'day all, Does anyone know if the Gustard U16 Digital Interface with latest firmware can pass multi-channel audio on to DAC for surround sound decoding? After...
  3. Krazywaffle

    Audio-gd Digital Interface (Upgraded Clocks) vs Topping D10S

    G'day all, Anyone have experience with both these USB-to-SPDIF converters? If so, any insights regarding which provides better (i.e., less jitter) signal to downstream DAC would be greatly appreciated. They are about the same price but not sure how they differ in the number or types of...
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