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    Artists you like who are famous in your country but who are virtually unknown to the rest of the world

    I'm not sure that Jackie Leven is that famous in the UK or even his native Scotland...but he should be. A brilliant storyteller with a great voice and a wicked sense of humour. His songs don't always go where you expect them to. I only found out about him when he died in 2011. Since then I've...
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    My Dog - pet thread

    Thanks, funny thing is I've been vegetarian for 30+ years :D so it's field trial competitions rather than hunting - but I have no problem with others eating the pheasant though. We actually think he is related to Edward Gorey's doubtful guest - get up from the table and he's in your seat...
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    My Dog - pet thread

    Here's Bruichladdich - better known as "Gus." When he scents pheasant he becomes more cat-like than dog:
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    Do high-efficiency speakers really have better 'dynamics'?

    It doesn't make any difference to the point you are making, but to but to be clear the upper mid driver used in the LX521 and the "full range" driver used in the LXMini are not the same. The LX521 uses the MU10RB-SL and the LXMini uses the FU10RB.
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    Linkwitz LX521 or JBL M2 ??

    You're generalizing - LX521s need space, LXMini's don't because the upper driver's rear wave is attenuated.
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    RIP Lee "Scratch" Perry

    "I am a toaster, I am not a boaster" - and there's a toaster on the fence behind him - Jools Holland appears quite puzzled. The Black Ark recordings are probably the best dub recordings done to 4-track tape ever. True recording genius.... RIP Lee Perry.
  7. Burning Sounds

    Charlie Watts

    A jazz drummer in a great rock and roll band - the Stones were the band that got me into this hi-fi malarky - Not Fade Away and Little Red Rooster on my Dansette. He always looked like he was just slightly amused by the whole thing. Thanks for all the wonderful music Charlie.
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    What is the appeal of open baffle?

    Toole is speaking about panel speakers, not properly designed dipoles using dynamic drivers that are made specifically for that project eg LX521. Properly designed OBs like the LX521 are far superior to panel speakers - I have both. For some reason when the discussion gets to OBs they are all...
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    What is the appeal of open baffle?

    Yes, that's true, but only if you have a large, wide unsupported baffle, which some dipoles have. But look at the baffle of a LX521 or an LXMini (not a dipole throughout its frequency range, true) - it is quite small or almost non-existent in the case of the LXmini. So, although there is some...
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    Linkwitz LX521 or JBL M2 ??

    I haven't heard the M2, so can't comment on it. However, in general I'm not a fan of ported speakers. I've owned LX521s for almost 7 years now and have no intention of looking any further. In terms of bass articulation, imaging and soundstage they are quite exceptional IMO. However, there are a...
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    High end Vintage SS amp vs the best Class D amps

    No, not at all, but you are beginning to realise you are getting closer to being able to drive a pair of LX521s. Go on, you know you want to - you might even start liking that Jeff Beck album. :cool:
  12. Burning Sounds

    High end Vintage SS amp vs the best Class D amps

    Yes, it would be great if Amir could do a crosstalk measurement between adjacent modules. I've also noticed that although the overall temperature of these modules in normal usage is low (heatsinks typically at about 35C) there are a few components that get much hotter, such as the small...
  13. Burning Sounds

    High end Vintage SS amp vs the best Class D amps

    Only 3 NC502mp modules in one box? - I'll raise you by 1 ;) - But I can't compete with your overall system channel count! Mine runs off a 16amp circuit with no problem. Looking forward to Amir's review.
  14. Burning Sounds

    Is PEQ transparent?

    Excellent post, and the Dan Worrall video is one of the best I've seen at explaining the difference between linear and minimum phase. I've mentioned this before in other DSP related threads, but worth repeating here. If you try to compare different DSP software by inputting the same filters...
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    Sparks Brothers - Brilliant!

    I loved this: In 1974, John Lennon was startled as he was watching Top of the Pops. He rang Ringo Starr. “You won’t believe what’s on television,” he reportedly said. “Marc Bolan is playing a song with Adolf Hitler.” Good backstory here.
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    Calling all Linkwitz LX 521.4 owners in Southern California (CA at large, too)...

    I agree completely, but it's not the software's fault - and I hope this doesn't come across as harsh, but giving a young child access to a PC controlling x-overs etc is not the best idea. It reminds me of the the days of turntables (what, they are back again! :eek:) - they seemed to magnetically...
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    Calling all Linkwitz LX 521.4 owners in Southern California (CA at large, too)...

    You're welcome, and it looks like you have realised that these are not party speakers...:D even though LX521s can play plenty loud. Regarding a sub - I have had no desire to use one (or two) as I don't listen to organ music, but I do have a lot of reggae :D- the bass of the LX521s is one of its...
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    Calling all Linkwitz LX 521.4 owners in Southern California (CA at large, too)...

    As a 7 year LX521 owner who built them from the plans here's my experience and suggestions: Build it exactly according to SL's instructions - that way you will know what it is capable of. The Madisound flatpack will ensure that, but if you want to make a more attractive hardwood upper baffle...
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    Are you a gamer/gamer's dad? - Share your favorite video games...

    I know nothing about gaming, but my son is involved with sim racing and has a racing team and community he has developed called Bez Racing. As far as I can tell he has particpants from Europe and the US and probably elsewhere, too. I know that when they are racing his bedroom is strictly off...
  20. Burning Sounds

    EQ Software for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS/iPadOS and Android.

    There is now a nice standalone PEQ app based on BEQDesigner that works with JRiver. As well as finally being able to visualise what your JRiver filters look like it also converts between JRivers definition of S and Q. It works in both directions in that you can save your filters as a DSP file in...
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