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  1. mmicko

    Klipsch The Three Review (Powered Speaker)

    Maybe would be interesting to see also basic "DAC" measurement - this device has USB in and AUX ... Anyway thanks for your work Amirm and I'm looking forward to see more portable speakers/soundbars.
  2. mmicko

    Schiit IEMagni Review (Headphone Amplifier)

    Another headamp with 120dB performance and price around 100USD , but I'm still missing the same performing (117-121dB Sinad) DAC with similar price (or max 150 USD) for pairing with these amps (iemagni, L30, atom etc.) :(
  3. mmicko

    Topping D30Pro Review (Balanced DAC)

    @JohnYang1997 could you please inform us about price?
  4. mmicko

    Topping A30 pro - NEWS???

    Is there any picture of D30 pro from back side? Would be interesting to see all available inputs and outputs ...
  5. mmicko

    World's Cheapest DAC Review

    Thanks for good tip - this Fiio looks good and is available also in my country! The cheapest tested DAC with toslink input is perhaps Toppind D10 but it´s still approx. 100USD...
  6. mmicko

    World's Cheapest DAC Review

    Do you know some better DAC with optical (toslink) input and price max. approx. 30USD ? I'm looking for something to be able connect my Samsung TV with external active spekers ...
  7. mmicko

    WolfX700 Measurement of Topping L30 Headphone Amp

    Why can't have such a great HP output performance the Dx7 Pro too :( The price of L30 is perfect, but would be nice to have it in all in one form especially when DAC performance of Dx7 Pro is much better than E30 (which can be the limiting factor when pairing with L30)
  8. mmicko

    JBL LSR305P MKii and Control 1 Pro Monitors Review

    Thank you Amirm for first speakers review ! Do you think that would be possible open the JBL and perform standard power amp test (perhaps on speaker terminal)? It would be interesting to compare the quality of amplifiers used inside budget active monitors.
  9. mmicko

    Cheapest "transparent" DAC with balanced output and volume control

    I believe this can be perfect candidate for you...
  10. mmicko

    SMSL Q5 Pro DAC And Stereo Amplifier Review

    Hello @amirm thaks for interesting review - looks like cheap class D power amps are still not on acceptable level :-( Could you please measure some active monitors as we already discussed (I believe you said, that some JBL model you have at home) to see, if active monitor + some good cheap dac...
  11. mmicko

    Review and Measurements of Topping D90 4499DAC

    BTW - I would always prefer to have a perfect DAC without streaming functions or BT but with optical input. The progress in streaming is going very fast and with optical Input I have always chance to upgrade the network part... I´m using now the DX7s with Chromecast Audio and this is much better...
  12. mmicko

    Review and Measurements of Topping D90 4499DAC

    @WolfX-700 Could you please measure also the RCA output ? I´m thinking about using this DAC with my active speakers (XLR connection) but would need to buy also some HP amplifier and there are many very good performing candidates with RCA input for 100-200USD. Thank you very much.
  13. mmicko

    Review and Measurements of E1DA 9038S BAL Portable DAC & Amp

    For iem with low impedance like yours (15 Ohm) looks Meizu Pro as a bit better solution, but the price is double vs Non Pro, so up to you ;-) Maybe the prepared 9038D - single ended version with a bit lower power and most important HW volume control could be the solution for you...
  14. mmicko

    MEIZU Hifi Pro USB-C Phone Dongle DAC Review

    Yes. Based on the direct comparison posted by duo8 the main advantage of Pro version is better performance with low impedance headphones (under 80 Ohm) so if you want to use it with Atom then Non Pro version should be even better (IMD -107dB vs -103dB in Pro version) But as we could see the...
  15. mmicko

    MEIZU Hifi Pro USB-C Phone Dongle DAC Review

    The NON Pro version has perfect price/value ratio, but the price of Pro version is already very close to E1DAC from @IVX which is absolutely different class (much more power, less distortion and noise).
  16. mmicko

    Schiit Magni Heresy Headphone Amp Teardown

    Interesting to see, that the power supply part (with LMxxx regulators) is same in both models. Looks like lower hum in Heresy is result of Opamp's better resistance to bad (noisy) voltage ... But there would be perhaps no added value in better power supply part, because the amp is already on...
  17. mmicko

    Dayton Audio DTA-Pro Stereo Amplifier Review

    During the reviews like this, I'm still thinking, if similar priced active monitors are better choice or not
  18. mmicko

    Dayton Audio DTA-120 Stereo Amplifier Review

    Thank you Woody, I found this decoder...
  19. mmicko

    Dayton Audio DTA-120 Stereo Amplifier Review

    This would be perfect candidate from budget level 100-200 USD per piece ( maybe some M-Audio too) Yamaha HS8 mentioned by @BostonJack or KRK Rokit Rokit RP7 G4 would be a good candidates from mid price range (200-300USD per peice). And Adam Audio A7X as representative of higher price level...
  20. mmicko

    Dayton Audio DTA-120 Stereo Amplifier Review

    For decoding of 5.1 you are using some AV processor? I was thinking about something similar - how to use my existing very good stereo system + 3 active monitors for surround and center but main problem is how to get 6 chanel line output without purchase of AV receiver ...
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