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  1. Vini darko

    Making it fit.

    The problem. User incompetence. £13 xt25 knock offs and high tech heat gun. Success I didn't break it. Its a bit tight. Waller her out , it'll be fine. Looks nice. Stopping the front chuffing. Fixing the tri-amp bodge that led to this current bodge. It lives again , one more to go...
  2. Vini darko

    Nautilus first dive of this seasons expidition

    Live on youtube for the next few weeks. Explore deep ocean off the west American coast. Will get to see things no human has seen before hopfully incuding new species of anaimals and intresting science.
  3. Vini darko

    Hum with fast charger anomaly

    Got a hum anomaly with my lg v30+ when using the fast charger. First situation: when headphones are plugged into the phone and it's on fast charge. There is mains hum in the headphones if I'm Not holding the phone , that goes away if I'm holding the phone. Second situation: with headphones...
  4. Vini darko

    Festive pets.

    Humiliate your pets with festive attire and post a picture.
  5. Vini darko

    Live amplifer repair.

  6. Vini darko

    How quite is your room?

    Apologies if this is already a thread. I just downloaded a spl meter app. The ambient noise in my room is measuring at 15db if I hold my breath. It's spiking to between 20-30db when I breath or move. It's 22:37 in the evening right now so noise floor will drop again later (01:30-03:00) being...
  7. Vini darko

    New freebee from Steve and MA

    Nice free Hires files from MA recordings courtesy of Steve
  8. Vini darko

    Physical media vrs steaming

    Razor makes good points. I've been relying more and more on streaming lately with subscriptions to Amazon, YouTube and soundcloud. I keep thinking about getting back into tape recording to save my favourite albums/mixes from the copyright/censorship plague. I used to have a lot of fun back in...
  9. Vini darko

    Audio range rant from bad guy

    Contains explicit criticism of bs
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