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  1. Guermantes

    Advice regarding simple 2nd audio system based on turntable

    A friend of mine is looking to put together a 2nd audio system based on a Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 turntable he already owns. I think he has an Garrott K3 MM cartridge on it. The space he wants to use it in is a combined living-dining-kitchen area that opens out onto a rear entertainment deck via...
  2. Guermantes

    Feel good news: Positive results from learning music in school

    Primary (elementary) schools in Western Australia are showing improved student outcomes after introducing a classical music education program based on El Sistema. "A music program that pairs children from disadvantaged areas with classical musicians from the West Australian Symphony Orchestra...
  3. Guermantes

    Music for restaurants (and other shared/public spaces)

    Ryuichi Sakamoto was so turned off by the BGM at his favourite restaurant that he asked the chef if he could create a new playlist to improve the dining experience. I know that this is all a matter of...
  4. Guermantes

    New cassette player matches high-res audio

    Found this via the Steve Hoffman forums. But is it MQA certified? Update: Well, the article has been re/moved but here are a couple of other pics and an Amazon link. Seems it uses an "up-convert function" that creates harmonics (aural exciter?)...
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