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  1. Vovgan

    2019 Christmas present you wish you had received

    Mine are: Denon 6500 or 4500 AVR review. Room Measurement Tutorial Part 3 Merry Christmas folks!
  2. Vovgan

    Blu Ray player’s HDMI-out “sound quality”? What “What Hi Fi” is talking about?

    New review of the Sony UBP-X800M2 blu Ray player is up on What HiFi’s website. Among other things they praise this player for its sound quality: ”It’s wonderfully musical by the standards of this price. ... There’s dynamics and detail in spades ... Dialogue is clear, natural and convincing”...
  3. Vovgan

    Need a Hall of Fame for the best products

    With new product reviews being uploaded several times a week (really appreciate the work being done by the CFO), creating and keeping a Hall of Fame somewhere in the “Home” section of this site would be an incredibly useful addition for new users, random visotors and people like myself who like...
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