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  1. Frank Dernie

    Kef R3 Bookshelf Speaker Review (Erin's Audio Corner)

    Yes classical music goes lower than rock music. I have a Model B Steinway. Its lowest note is just below 30Hz. You need a model D to go to 27.5 and that won't fit in most rooms :) I don't know of a piece of music which uses the lowest key often though, maybe there is one? Also the harmonics are...
  2. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    If that last 10% is due to reducing cabinet radiation there is absolutely no mechanism by which DSP applied to the driver could compensate for it. So no, absolutely not.
  3. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    It isn't resonances that are the concern it is the broad band cabinet wall rumbling along with the music energised by pressure in the box and transmission from the driver. It doesn't need resonance for the box to radiate like a NXT radiator ( which does it deliberately and in a controlled way of...
  4. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    I don't think so. The sound radiated by the cabinet is not accurate. People have argued that it is at too low a level to matter. Early on in my speaker building efforts cost of the cabinet was the most important parameter, but later reducing cabinet radiation sounded clearer to me, though this...
  5. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    A DBT on speakers is pretty well impossible when you think about it. Firstly room acoustics and room modes vary the FR with speaker position and getting 2 speakers exactly the same volume is not possible either because they can't have the same volume since they won't have identical frequency...
  6. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    Measurement using a microphone can not separate the spurious sound radiated from the cabinet from that radiated by the drivers. The distortion level of the drivers tends to be considered relatively unimportant. IME both are important from my experiments on me :), so I do not believe we have...
  7. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    I think a lot of people have bought into the narrative that only frequency response and radiation pattern matter. They may be the most important but it is obvious that it isn't only that, or at least it is to me. Such data is very important in forming a list of speakers to evaluate by listening...
  8. Frank Dernie

    KRK ROKIT 5 Gen 4 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Back in 1968 when I built my first speakers here in the UK the dimension was the PCD of the mounting holes, so the Wharfedale 8" RS/DD full range drivers had a mounting flange bigger then the nominal 8" and a cone smaller. The 9" bass drivers in the 1980s ProAc EBS speakers sitting in front of...
  9. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    Not ruined just well beyond the point of worthwhile diminishing returns IMO. It is £140,000 per pair!
  10. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    I have heard both the Blade and the Muon but not in the same room at the same time with the same music. I haven't heard the Blade 2. Sorry I misread the title. The Muon impressed mainly for the construction and price, I didn't think it stood out sound wise compared to my experience of the Blade.
  11. Frank Dernie

    High resolution audio vs. CD: A null-test

    The brain is magnificent but it needs input data to process. That is called education and if children and adults are convincingly told complete bollox by people they are taught to respect they start off their reasoning based on complete bollox and the result of the complex society based on...
  12. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    I was disappointed by the Muon, more of a show piece looking great than any step forward as far as audio performance is concerned. It isn't better than the Blade IME.
  13. Frank Dernie

    KEF Reference 5 VS Blade 2 vs Muon

    The big difference is in the bass. The Blade has 4 9" units packed more closely and centred on the same acoustic centre as the coaxial. The Reference 5 has 4 6.5" units on the front. I have heard the Blade often and it is excellent. I don't like the styling though so would never buy one. I...
  14. Frank Dernie

    They say speaker cables do not matter ..

    What I did was got my daughter to change cables whilst I did not look, so it was blind in that sense, not a catch phrase. Having been well paid but busy until I retired my listening tests had been superficial or "long term" which I now know give bad results. I had quite a few different cables...
  15. Frank Dernie

    Why can I hear a difference between 32bit 384khz and 24bit 44.1khz?

    Almost everything you write here is completely and absolutely wrong. Some of it is vaguely right but you haven't understood it fully. Where the royal f*ck did you "learn" this stuff? I am gobsmacked :facepalm:
  16. Frank Dernie

    Did You Actually Buy a New Disc Recently?

    I bought "Images" by Anna Lapwood after seeing her on, of all places, TikTok Not for all tastes, obviously, but a fabulous acoustic recording of the organ at Ely Cathedral.
  17. Frank Dernie

    Midrange dome drivers banned ?

    Correct, and correct in the case of all materials one may choose to use for a cone or dome. Correct, and how it is notched out is important for a mid or bass unit, possibly not for a tweeter. The current approach is to use a material which is breaking up and damp it a bit. Is this a better...
  18. Frank Dernie

    Event Opal

    Quite a few years ago these were real darlings of some of the internet HiFi sites here in the UK. I considered auditioning them but they were in such demand I couldn't find anywhere that had stock so I didn't.
  19. Frank Dernie

    Worst measuring loudspeaker?

    Shocking isn't it. 82 dB/watt as well :facepalm:
  20. Frank Dernie

    Speaker De-coupling

    Depending on the floor construction, the position of the speaker on it, the frequency response of the speaker and the local masses and stiffnesses it is scientifically inevitable that there will be an audible difference between spike coupling a speaker to a floor and using wide band (ie down to...
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