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    Hi end professional studio monitors vs hi end "hi-fi" speakers

    How would hi end studio monitors (plus a sub I guess) like Genelec 8351B and Neumann KH420, D&D 8C etc, compare to mainstream hi end speakers like Focal Utopia or B&W D4? Obviously they're all excellent when compared to other studio monitors but I wonder if they can even compete when...
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    Event Opal

    Looks like a pretty nice monitor but didn't see it mentioned around here. What are your thoughts about it?
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    Best mid-tier monitors : Genelec 8350A vs Neumann KH310

    They cost pretty much the same They're both excellent and that's why it's hard to choose! On the one hand I like Genelec sound more but Neumann is 3-way vs 2-way and I guess is way better than the KH120 that I had so they'd be pretty close. Which one would you choose and why?
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    Genelec 8050B vs. 8351B

    So yeah, obviously the Ones are better- but by how much? Do they justify the(big) price difference? When I read comparisons of the Ones to the 8000 series i always get the sense that they're pretty close to each other, so I'm still not totally convinced
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    High-end headphones vs high-end speakers/monitors?

    How do they compare to each other? What are the advantages / disadvantages of each?
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    The closest thing to a Sennheiser HD800/HD800S in a studio monitor?

    I owned the original HD 800(non S version )3 times and loved them. The instrument separation, layering and overall ultra detailed sound is the best I've heard in speakers / headphones. And I've read the S version is even better. What studio monitors come close to sounding like the HD800? or...
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    I noticed that some speakers just disappear and it feels like the sound appears out of thin air, and others don't feel like that at all, and the sound is just coming out of 2 speakers. What makes speakers "disappear" and can it be measured?
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    The point of diminishing for speakers is...?

    From what price would you say speakers hit the point of diminishing returns?
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    Which type of tweeter is the best, and why are there so many types of them?

    There are many tweeter types and technologies : Cone tweeter. Dome tweeter. Piezo tweeter. Ribbon tweeter. Planar-magnetic tweeter. Electrostatic tweeter. AMT tweeter. Horn tweeters etc. On the other hand bass drivers are basically mostly the same. Which type of tweeter is the best and why...
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    PSI monitors

    They're getting great reviews on Gearsultz and they sound pretty good in this video: Anyone had any experience with them? They're actually pretty expensive
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    How much does cabinet material effects sound?

    I noticed I mostly like speakers /monitors with a metal cabinet when I listened to them. Obviously not all speakers with metal cabinets sound good, but I think it does effect the sound a little bit. Clarity is a little better and bass is tighter vs wooden cabinets ( if that makes any sense)...
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    Anyone heard any higher end PMC monitors like the twotwo.6?

    And twotwo.8? For some reason PMC doesn't get mentioned at all around here.
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    When using subs , does the size of the monitors even matter?

    Is there a big difference between a 5 inch or 6.5.monitors when using subs? I mean if you're using a sub or 2 basically the monitor's woofers act as sort of a mid driver because all of the bass frequencies are played by the subs. What am i missing here?
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    Are there any good sounding Metal albums?

    Unfortunately most Metal albums sound like crap because of their SQ and i don't like listening to them (even though i like the music itself) Would love some recommendations, thanks.
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    Which lossless streaming service is the cheapest and has the best UI?

    Now that Apple and Amazon and Spotify are basically offering free upgrade to lossless streaming quality, and I'm unfortunately ditching Tidal because of it. Which one do you recommend?
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    Genelec 1032C

    Seems like the black sheep of the Genelec family lol, gets no love around here compared to other models Costs the same as the 8350 but has a 10 inch woofer. What are your thoughts about it?
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    Music is dead.

    Well almost... I can't help but feel that older music is just is so much better than all the new stuff being released today in all music genres. There isn't one modern rock band that even comes close to Radiohead, Nirvana, PJ etc.. No artist that comes close to MJ No new Bob Dylan, no new...
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    High-end passive bookshelf speakers vs mid-range active studio monitors

    I was wondering how would mid priced active studio monitors like Genelec 8050B/8350A, or Neumann KH310, compete with high end, high priced passive speakers like the Focal Diablo Utopia and Dynaudio Heritage Special etc? Basically they're both 2-way speakers(except the KH310) that should perform...
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    Buying B-stock speakers /studio monitors

    Is it worth taking the risk for a small discount ? ( i was basically told all are customer returns with slight use marks) What's your experience with B-stock?
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    Senal ASM-5

    I have no real interest in them but the design is hilarious so i thought I'd share.
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