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    Say "Hello!" to boXem | audio Arthur series, Hypex and Purifi based power amplifiers

    I am proud to finally announce Arthur, our line of power amplifiers. All Arthur power amplifiers will share common aesthetics and functionalities like in example the auto on/off or the clipping indicator. Another common point between all amplifiers of the Arthur line is their amplification...
  2. boXem | audio

    What are the effects of direct balanced to single ended connection?

    While measuring the Motu M2 in loopback, I inadvertently used a TS-XLR cable on the M2 input. The connection was TRS -> XLR -> TS. TS connectors have only 2 contacts, one among them being the sleeve. They are the equivalent of an RCA connector with different mechanical interface. TRS have 3...
  3. boXem | audio

    MOTU M2 loopback measurements

    I bought the M2 for some debug and EOL testing. Amongst the "cheap" interfaces, it was the one that seemed to have the lowest noise. I didn't really care about distortion since for accurate work, I plan to use an harmonic cancellation software. So, here we go: And finally, for the IMD hump...
  4. boXem | audio

    Audio gear market data

    I am actually searching for market data on audio gear. For the moment, what I find is: - Samsung is selling boats of soundbars - Pseudo market studies costing at least a dozen kidneys. I suspect these will tell me that Samsung is selling boats of soundbars... Anybody knows where to find proper...
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