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  1. walt99

    SOLD!!!FS: Buckeye 4 channel 252MP AmpSOLD!!!

    No need to wait!! Ended up not needing this with my new setup, used briefly for HT surround/Ctr channel. $700 including shipping (conus only) and will include 4 each 3' XLR-RCA cables. Still under Buckeye warranty, I received this unit on 5/13 so just about a month old. 4 channel NC252MP, XLR...
  2. walt99

    SOLD!!!FS: Gustard X16, like newSOLD!!!

    Purchased new from APOS in Feb, includes all original boxes, papers etc. Reason for selling, going with full Benchmark system/DAC. $425 includes Fedex shipping in conus only.
  3. walt99

    AVR input levels from DAC

    So I have a Denon A110 which is basically the same as the 8500. The Denon analog input spec states 200mv and when I inquired to Denon support they said the same thing. I have the X16 at 0db and previously the node2i at fixed volume plugged in and have not heard any signs of distortion/clipping...
  4. walt99

    FS: Nakamichi CA-5, Rotel RB-985

    Both Classics and work perfect, Super great sounding Nakamich CA-5 purist pre-amp, top of the line it's day, I bought new, touted to have one of the best phono inputs ever available, accepts both MM/MC. A few small scratches on top of case, works perfect and has been in regular use till...
  5. walt99

    FS: B&W 803 Series 2 SOLD

    These are some great speakers, bought new about 20 yrs ago, not perfect as we moved a couple times but cabinet/grill in good shape, no driver damage, have been using them up until a few months ago. Have always had grill installed. Again, work and sound perfect. No boxes so will not ship, PU in...
  6. walt99

    FS: KEF Q650C center channel speaker, LNIB

    Purchased direct from Kef Dec 2020, decided to go with another speaker, used for about a month and missed the return window so up for sale. Like new with all boxes/papers. $525 includes shipping or PU for $500 in the DFW area.
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