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  1. Robin L

    Technomad Noho C---anyone have hands on experience with these?

    My stepson performs music locally, playing keyboard-based dance music requiring a PA. He just acquired the Technomad Noho C set of speakers, definitely intended to play loud and apparently very efficient. The specs I can find indicate 96 db out with 1 watt, maximum output of 118db, that with 400...
  2. Robin L

    Feliks Audio Arioso amplifier, or: Stereophile slides into irrelevance

    Steeophile's most recent "review" of the Feliks Audio Arioso amplifier does not mention the price of this SET amp, nor are there any measurements of what is sure to be a deliberately broken design. I guess if one has to ask how much it costs or how it operates, one would not be interested in...
  3. Robin L

    Yuja Wang's Flying Fingers

    In which one of today's finest pianists goes over the top with Mozart and Bizet:
  4. Robin L

    Analog Corner # 307

    Relates to a recent online foodfight. FYI, I'm just wondering what others might think of this post: Analog Corner #307: HiFiction X-Quisite ST, AC Power, PS Audio |
  5. Robin L

    "Flutter" on Amazon Music?

    Have limited experience with music streaming from the internet, save YouTube. I'd assume YouTube sound would be dodgy, though there's some recent streams from that source that are of surprising high quality. I would guess that the upper tier of Amazon Music would be at least high-quality MP3...
  6. Robin L

    Inner Fidelity reviews at Stereophile

    I was looking for frequency response measurements of headphones, managed to stumble across this link to the old Inner Fidelity reviews of Tyll Hertsens:
  7. Robin L

    Best closed-back headphones, $200-$300

    Going all-in with the ASR way, getting Drop 6XX 'phones, Topping E30 Dac and L30 Headphone Amp. My experience with open back headphones ranges from $5 'phones I should have avoided to over two decades with Stax Signature Earspeakers. Lately have been using the Sennheiser HD599 and HD579. Don't...
  8. Robin L

    Stereophile---2 in a row without measurements

    Like a lot of you folks out there in ASRland, when I read a Stereophile review of a piece of gear, I go to the measurements first then look over the subjective fantasy. I dunno why, but three pieces of gear that usually fall under the category of measurable have none. I wonder if this is related...
  9. Robin L

    I say Neil Young ought to be deaf by now:

    Neil Young says the MacBook Pro has ‘Fisher-Price’ audio quality:
  10. Robin L

    LPs set to overcome CDs in sales

    This story landed in my Google news feed. Right now, As of this moment I'm a total vinyl heretic [have just dumped my 2000 LP collection and related playback equipment], but I still understand collectors and collecting. Interesting article, notes how much of the Vinyl Revival involves used discs...
  11. Robin L

    Third time around with the AKG Tiesto K167 Headphones.

    I was researching headphones a couple of years ago, looking for something that was good for both Classical and Techno/Current Pop with lots of deep bass. I landed on the AKG Tiesto K167 Headphones, headphones that were regularly discounted 75% at B + H Photo, to $50. I saw an number of warnings...
  12. Robin L

    Question regarding technical parameters of LPs.

    I've been getting in a twist at sites like Stereophile lately concerning LPs. To my mind, the source for a recording should be the best version of a recording. To the best of my knowledge, there are multiple ways that transferring a high resolution master file of a recording to LP would...
  13. Robin L

    Cary Audio SLI-80HS integrated amplifier measurements, Stereophile

    Hope this is kosher, this is John Atkinson's measurements for Cary Audio SLI-80HS integrated amplifier. I suspect there might be commentary on this here thread.
  14. Robin L

    Golden Turkey Awards

    What's the worst price/performance ratio measured here of Dacs, headphone amps or anything else that sticks out from the crowd? Asking for a friend.
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