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  1. pavuol

    Amirs' test tracks (Spotify playlist + how AI "hears" them)

    I wanted to share some interesting info about the data hidden behind songs that streaming services use for their analytics and AI purpose (later on that topic). To be more beneficial for ASR readers (or as a side effect) I decided to make a playlist of songs Amir mentioned in his reviews...
  2. pavuol

    Specific/feature songs – topic: „cymbals”

    Don't know if any other "cymballophile" here, maybe wearing "untamed Beyers" along the way but.. :p;) OK let me put this straight, post your favorite songs featuring distinctive cymbals layering. Tracks you love or simply acknowledge to sound great in this regard. You can post "reference...
  3. pavuol


    As title suggests, post your favourite tracks, which you enjoy despite its "lower quality" (or just because of that). Can be anything, Lo-Fi as an intentional approach (like subgenres almost) as well as unintentional - (amateur) live recordings, (home) demos, "vintage"/historic recordings...
  4. pavuol

    "Soundstage tracks" (for headphone listening)

    Post songs you think have that "soundstage" feel while enjoying on headphones. "Natural" tracks recorded in spaces from smaller chambers to big churches that retain its "spatial sound" also when reproduced on headphones. Or "synthetic" tracks that was intentionally manipulated (post recording)...
  5. pavuol


    We don't have this thread yet, do we? Post some of your favorite or some interesting discoveries. No boundaries, just try to avoid total crap lol.. (notoriously famous, overly romantic...) PS: if you embed media, always write artist/title in plain text as well
  6. pavuol

    What SW/tools do you use to download audio files out of YOUTUBE videos?

    I'd like to ask you folks for some tips how to easily download and extract original audio tracks out of Youtube videos. requirements: - freeware, ideally open source/GPL - standalone software for Windows or plugin for Firefox, Chrome, etc. - ideally support for batch/background download, easy...
  7. pavuol

    5-star rating of songs on an Android device (iTunes analogy) / minitutorial

    I thought this might be useful for some members. I've never owned an iPhone but long long ago I listened to music on the Ipod Nano (4g) and one thing I really liked about iTunes was its ability to let you rate songs in a 5-star manner. Later when I switched to consuming music on an Android...
  8. pavuol


    Post some nice examples of tracks that can challenge your system/headphones with lower spectrum notes. Try to include not only tracks from a "reference test suite" category but also those that are fun to listen (or you like personally). Although it's natural to expect some electronic music...
  9. pavuol

    "Bright" tracks

    Post some nice examples of tracks with elevated/"exaggerated" trebles. Some that you feel sound too bright on a neutral speakers/headphones and can become "problematic/annoying" on those with treble emphasis. Material sometimes referred to in reviews like "already bright tracks".
  10. pavuol

    PHONOSOPHIE - "Aktivator technik" / amazing german technology

    I haven't found this mentioned here, really cool products, website for german speakers though. link: Die Produkte für perfekte Momente pricelist interference suppression chips in various form factor - stickers, glass plates, pyramids, cubes, they offer enhanced cables, power blocks and fuses...
  11. pavuol

    The Limited Edition GOLD APERIO reference headphone system (Warwick Acoustic)

    Haven't find this mentioned: [link] Warwick Acoustics is proud to present the 'World reveal’ and launch of the ‘Limited Edition 24 kt GOLD APERIO’. Revealed for the first time at the 'Chengdu International Headphone Expo', China in June 2020, the 'Limited Edition GOLD APERIO' is truly a...
  12. pavuol

    From Norway to Norge Audio (the story of a speaker company and its founder)

    I'm trying to add some more content to a database of speaker companies maintained by Sir @sweetchaos . While browsing on the site of some indian manufacturer, I have found this really lovely pdf book. I wonder, how about Sir @amirm issueing such publication - like "From Microsoft to Audio...
  13. pavuol

    Road-Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) / Harman+Hyundai

    This site being somehow "Harman positive" ;), I don't know if this was mentioned, looks interesting: Full press release (February 03, 2020) excerpt: Hyundai Motor Company and HARMAN International launch the world’s first road noise cancellation system into production Co-developed with HARMAN...
  14. pavuol

    "Multistream/layered" digital recordings - EQ analogy

    [disclaimer: I never owned a DVD or blueray player, I am more into pure audio stuff than video/hometheater, being 95% of time on headphones] I sometimes wonder, if this idea was already realized in some format, maybe I missed it due to forementioned. Say you have a digital recording which was...
  15. pavuol

    70's pearls

    Post honorable 70's recordings (mind you are in "reference quality music" subsection). I suggest adhering to year of recording from 70-79, but not strictly. As long as you feel the song's "sound signature belongs to seventies", releases from late 60s or very early 80s qualify as well... EDIT...
  16. pavuol


    Post songs featuring interesting lyrics. I suggest in one of this manner: Artist / Song Title [optional media / youtube video...] Link to website with full lyrics or full lyrics hidden behind "spoiler" button (to keep the thread more "tidy")
  17. pavuol

    Car interior noise measurements (german automobile club)

    German automobile club ADAC has a long tradition of publishing quite uniform car reviews. What is interesting from the ASR’s perspective, they include measurements of interior noise level while driving. Here is complete list of all reviews in pdf files (around 4000+ this time). As the time...
  18. pavuol

    Spotify choked my music enthusiasm (kind of) but.. they're back! :)

    Last Christmas I got emotionally week and payed for Spotify Premium (limited offer/3 months for reduced price). Being a person who wants to actually "really use something" when you payed for it (don't want to say "extort" ;) I must admit, I have skipped quite a bunch of songs during that quarter...
  19. pavuol

    PINKREDIBLE Pink Panther-obsessed gran, 79, has over 1,400 toys of the cartoon cat in her home

    PINKREDIBLE Pink Panther-obsessed gran, 79, has over 1,400 toys of the cartoon cat in her home A GRAN shows she’s the one and only, truly original, Pink Panther fan from head to toes. June Amos, 79, has 1,404 toys, ornaments and keepsakes of the ’80s cartoon cat stuffed in her home. June...
  20. pavuol

    Fairphone 3 ("modular and repairable design", "faitrade gold"...)

    I think worth mentioning: Fairphone 3 [wiki] 10 out of 10 iFixit score - The only smartphone in the world to be awarded a perfect score for repairability. Audio spoiler: yes, it has a Jack! :) As for audio path, iFixit mentions "Qualcomm WCD9326 audio codec" + "Awinic AW88980 audio amplifier...
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