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    Question about 4.4mm trrs to 3.5mm trs, or 2.5mm trrs to 3.5mm trs

    The answer to both your questions is yes. You have correctly interpreted the relevant posts. If your QC35 II (which I assume has 3.5mm TRS and not the 2.5mm TRS you mentioned) has a detachable cable with separate connectors at each earpiece, you could replace the cable with a balanced cable...
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    Asimov Foundation

    Glad I gave the Syfy adaptation a miss, then!
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    Asimov Foundation

    In 2015, the Syfy channel made and aired a 4-hour three-part miniseries adaptation of Clarke's 1953 novella "Childhood's End". I did not see it, but judging from its average rating of 6.9 from 11K viewers on IMDb, Syfy must have done a decent job with the mini-series. And yes, before SIY...
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    Another Nail in the Coffin of Objectivity

    The coffin is full or empty, depending on whether the reader is a subjectivist or an objectivist. If you believe both subjective reports and objective measurements, then the coffin is both full and empty for you. On a serious note, though, would it not be another indicator of the existence of...
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    40 useful concepts

    In the same spirit (no pun intended), but listing some fundamental critical-thinking filters ("baloney detection") more than epiphenomena is a nice summary of a chapter of Carl Sagan's last published book, the summary created by Maria Popova at Brain Pickings. It popped up as one of Firefox's...
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    Looking for a Dap...without DAC, Amp and battery

    Interesting video; thanks for linking it. The whole video is closely miked (every small sound is captured and you can hear the background noise rumble throughout the video), so the fan certainly sounds loud when the tester checks the two fan speed settings. It is unclear whether the fan is...
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    Looking for a Dap...without DAC, Amp and battery

    The two of you may not be in the target customer demographic for the M17. The M17 is not a portable pocketable DAP. It is not something you're gonna be listening to while you wait in line at a store or take a long walk in the park. Rather, it falls into the same "transportable" category as...
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    Looking for a Dap...without DAC, Amp and battery

    FiiO M17 could replace the combination of M11Pro and DX3Pro. It comes with a 15V DC external power supply. There is a switch button for going between internal battery and DC power supply when plugged in. If the switch is set to "DC" instead of "BAT", the battery is bypassed (while still being...
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    Looking for a Dap...without DAC, Amp and battery

    Maybe up the ante with a second DAP? You would alternate between the two DAPs, using one to feed the DX3Pro while re-charging the other's battery. And the battery of each DAP should have a doubled lifetime, as you would be using each DAP only half as often as you would a single DAP.
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    Ok, what about top three female rock vocalists?

    I can't argue with some of the top 3 lists in previous posts, but for something a little different - Giusy Ferreri. The looks! That deliciously raspy overpowering voice! And no, I will not list "La Isla" her joint video with Elettra Lamborghini, nor the latter's Pem Pem music video. Stai...
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    Movies Worth Owning

    Glad you liked 'em! Agreed, Rafe Spall is excellent in a well-written portrayal of a charming, knavish Shakespeare who rises to the occasion.
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    Movies Worth Owning

    One day the Gods send a gift of a coke bottle down from the sky. Never having seen one before, the villagers find it hugely useful in several ways, but soon start to quarrel over who gets to use it and when. N!xau decides to return the bottle to the Gods, and undertakes a journey far away from...
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    Movies Worth Owning

    I am a sucker for the confluence of romance and "destiny". Ana and Otto (I love the detail that the names are palindromes) are Los Amantes del Circulo Polar (Spanish, with English subtitles, filmed on location in Finland).
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    Movies Worth Owning

    I view this as one of Gary Oldman's finest performances. An even more fictional plot than "Anonymous", taking its cue from a mysterious dedication by L V Beethoven "To My Immortal Beloved", I find this movie to be fully on par with "Amadeus". A marvelous soundtrack by Solti/Chicago...
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    Movies Worth Owning

    Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave are riveting in this. I guess the plot upset a lot of Shakespeare scholars and fans, even though it is Shakespearean in its tragedic scope, dialogue and high drama. BTW, Rhys Ifans is also superb as the poet Dylan Thomas in "Last Call", though the dysfunction he...
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    Fiio BTR3 Review (Portable DAC & Bluetooth Receiver)

    In the DAP category: I expect that FiiO M17 will compete with iBasso DX300 Max and maybe even with iBasso DX300 + Amp 12.
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    Imaging and soundstage. What are they and who hears them?

    Based on what you have described so far, all four possibilities remain: (a) you and your brother are both right, (b) you are right and he is mistaken, (c) you are mistaken and he is right, and (d) both of you are mistaken. It is possible that you and your brother have come to rely on different...
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    Another USB DAC device that has Optical, Coax and RCA outputs, Like the Topping D10S

    The Ikko Zerda has optical output, though no coax and RCA. Seems to be out-of-stock now or discontinued by Ikko, though. Perhaps pro audio gear from RME or Focusrite?
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    Headphone adapter kits, multi cable kits, available alternatives?

    modular headphone cables There are plenty of adapters and replacement cables to be found on Amazon and AliExpress.
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    Where is the science in EQ of headphones?

    I wonder what it is that prevents the high-frequency waves from traveling all the way to the apex and damaging the low-frequency hairs and receptors there (and others on the way)? Attenuation by dissipation?
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