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  1. Matias

    B&W 800D4 series

    Seems to have leaked. On the tech front, the loudspeakers include the company’s Continuum Cone, FST and Biomimetic Suspension technologies. The result of an eight-year research program, the composite Continuum Cone – used for both midrange and mid/bass applications – is combined with the...
  2. Matias

    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    This is the first time I remember seeing a spin from any Magico speaker in Klippel NFS. I am glad the company is providing it to reviews, but I wish they uploaded them to their website for all models as well. Behold the flagship floorstanding speaker from their entry level A series published by...
  3. Matias

    Dedicated listening room measures

    I am about to start building a dedicated listening room from scratch, so I can somewhat choose which measures to build. The architects are drawing the CAD plans these weeks, so I must decide soon. The area I want is ideally close to 25 m2, and the largest wall can be only 5.0 m. That would...
  4. Matias

    Harman curves sound different? (room x headphones x IEMs )

    The other day I tried comparing my main system with my in ear monitors. The main system is in my living room and I applied EQ to a target of a linear tilt following the slope simimlar to the most preferred response according to Harman's research. I was sitting in the sweet spot listening to a...
  5. Matias

    REW filters into JRiver Convolution

    I spent some time trying to figure out how to make this work, gathering information from different sources, and now that it is working, I share below if someone is interested. I am far from an expert, but this is a starting point for noobs like me. The basic idea is to make measurements with...
  6. Matias

    ICEpower 300A2, 400A2 and 1500S announced

    Finally ICEpower is expanding the use of its ICEedge chip to other modules other than the 1200AS. They went with separate amplifier boards (300A2, 400A2) and a separate power supply (1500S). Still the 400A2 distortion is kind of disappointing. 300A2 Features: 2 channel 300 W @ 1 % THD+N, 20...
  7. Matias

    Astell&Kern AK USB-C Dual DAC Cable with 2x CS43198

    New dongle with dual Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs like Topping D30Pro (uses 4x) for 150 usd (3.5 mm plug). Specs says THD+N is 0.0004% (SINAD 108), which should put it still...
  8. Matias

    Covid-19 and Vitamin D

    There a several studies relating not only strong correlation but also causal relationship between high-dose Vitamin D and significantly better outcomes of Covid-19 cases. Yet it seems mostly ignored by mainstream media and governments, let alone big pharma. This post is a rant about the...
  9. Matias

    Poll: Do you like Harman's target curve for headphones bass response?

    Many think the Harman's target curve for headphones has too much bass. What is your experience?
  10. Matias

    Emotiva Ultra Sub 12 died

    My sub won't turn on and since this model is 10+ years old (this is my 2nd board, I changed in 2014), Emotiva said they have no replacement parts, so I am left to deal with it. Great. I don't identify who built this board to order a replacement, and the size is not exactly the same as the...
  11. Matias

    Lars Risbo (Purifi) interview live in Erin's Audio Corner

    Lots of details about driver construction, very interesting.
  12. Matias

    Class D FAQ

    This topic is dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions about class D amplifiers. If you have been directed here the reason is that it is easier to concentrate the frequent answers here instead of repeating them in several topics. Q: Class D power ratings cannot be true. How can these small and...
  13. Matias

    Schiit Modi 3+ with Unison USB™

    Modi 3+ is available at now for $99, in both black and silver finish. AKM AK4490 chip, micro USB connector. Modi 3+ page: Modi 3+ chapter...
  14. Matias

    Gustard X16

    Wolf previews the Gustard X16 measurements on his website below.
  15. Matias

    Amplifier SINAD list ASR + 3rd parties

    I wanted to compare amplifiers measured elsewhere to the ASR standard measurements: SINAD at 5W in 4 ohms, and power at 1% THD+N in 4 ohms. So I chose some amplifiers that interested me more (let me know if you wish I can add more), read their graphs, converted to SINAD, color coded and created...
  16. Matias

    NAD C 298 Power Amplifier With Purifi Eigentakt Amplification

    $1,999 U.S. MSRP, press release below. Variable gain knob and line out for subwoofers, nice touches! :) 2x185W at 8 ohms, 2x340W at 4 ohms. Bridgeable to 1x620W at 8 ohms.
  17. Matias

    Kii Three Measurements

    Here are some interesting new measurements of the Kii Three.
  18. Matias

    Audio Precision APx500 Flex

    3,000 usd. Anyone has tried this with a good measuring audio interface like RME, Lynx, etc? How well does it work? I suppose their ADCs would be insufficient for measuring DACs, but would be ok for amplifiers?
  19. Matias

    Matrix Audio Mini-i 3 and Mini-i Pro 3

    I saw this announcement on an Shezhenaudio's post, looks like very interesting devices. Matrix Audio has always measured well and has been refining their streaming software for some years now, including Roon Ready support.
  20. Matias

    How is your dream speaker like?

    Based on this interesting thread about dream DACs, I decided to make a similar one for speakers, as I was thinking about this earlier today. So how would your dream speaker be like? Since dreaming is still free :), my ideal speaker is more like a system which I describe below. Let me know what...
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