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    New Kali IN-5 for $700 vs. used Genelec 8020A for $650?

    Pretty sure the Kali wins in terms of bass/output. I would do the Kali but neither are bad choices.
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    Marantz PM-90 Review (Vintage Amplifier)

    Excellent phono performance. What a great looking unit. What I like most about these stereo receivers is the wide range of functionality with good performance. I really wish that Topping or someone made a similar product for the modern era where active speakers and headphones were more common...
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    JBL Control 29AV-1 Review (PA/Outdoor Speaker)

    Yes I am in Somerville. The birthplace of democracy and sometimes opiates.
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    JBL Control 29AV-1 Review (PA/Outdoor Speaker)

    I haven't had fried clams in 2 years. Is that just a new england thing?
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    JBL Control 29AV-1 Review (PA/Outdoor Speaker)

    Highly recommend smoked queso. Absolutely delish.
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    FX Audio DAC-M1 Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    He's not just the president of ASR, he's also a client.
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    HEDD Type 20 - studio monitor

    Wait a minute, HEDD seriously expects you to use a vst to correct the response?
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    HEDD Type 20 - studio monitor

    Looks reasonable enough. I don't really understand why the horizontal format is so popular though.
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    PMC Twenty.21 Bookshelf Speaker Review

    By audio professionals do you mean people who work in recording studios?
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    Audio GD - bad rap in the past -new breed !!

    Right, and the only reason people buy ****** furniture is because they can't afford the real thing.
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    Audio GD - bad rap in the past -new breed !!

    Architectural designer with experience in high end retail or office interiors and historical restoration. Fake materials are an epidemic in the former, and scorned in the latter.
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    Ok, what about top three female rock vocalists?

    Jimmy Hendrix was not much of a singer, was he? He was expressive and had some charisma but his guitar playing was a bit better.
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    Audio GD - bad rap in the past -new breed !!

    Subjectively the audio gd stuff looks like cheap crap. It's designed to look expensive. It doesn't quite pull it off. It's for people who can't afford the real thing. I fully support people who want a cool looking stereo system. We've discussed this at length on ASR. People have very...
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    Audio GD - bad rap in the past -new breed !!

    To me this is the audio equipment equivalent of a fake watch. It's clearly designed to be big and heavy and impressive looking to imitate audio gear which functions as a status symbol, but has none of the brand cache or desirability to go along with it. The branding tries to imitate...
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    IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Review (active monitor)

    In general, the thing which limits speaker output is low frequency output. In a passive speaker, it is the excursion of the woofer, and in an active speaker, it is both the woofer excursion and the limits of the amplifier. By asking the speaker to play less low frequency content, the speaker...
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    Advice or recommendations for buying Genelec and/or Dutch & Dutch in US

    If you're looking for genelecs, check out the 'raw' versions they sell. Unpainted aluminum cabinets. Very cool looking.
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    Ascend Sierra Luna Duo Center/Main Speaker Review

    I also empathize. Improving a product can be difficult because it devalues the previous version. I get the impression that the same guy doing the design is also doing the marketing at Ascend, which is why they should be commended for being so candid about their problems and the way they go about...
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    Ascend Sierra Luna Mini-Monitor Review

    Deep high q cancellations are intrinsically sensitive to measurement location. The depth of the null could vary by 10db just by moving the mic around a few inches at these frequencies. Just like when you invert a tweeter that is playing in phase with a woofer over a wide bandwidth. At the...
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    Ascend Sierra Luna Duo Center/Main Speaker Review

    I think the port issues are exaggerated. Reading his investigation of them, I believe him - this guy knows a lot about speaker measurement and he just spent over $200K on prototyping and test gear because of ASR. If my reading of his account is correct, Klippel themselves were unable to explain...
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    Ascend Sierra Luna Duo Center/Main Speaker Review

    Big credit due to Ascend in not only investing in their r&d (not just the NFS, but getting a cnc and 3d printer for prototyping) but also writing about their process publicly. I do agree that the port resonances the NFS picks up are not as significant as they appear. Break out an eq and insert...
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