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  1. Killingbeans

    What kind of banana plugs are these?

    These?: If only they were marketed as audio jewelry and nothing more, I'd say the price were fair. That part with the connectors giving cleaner sound and the Single Crystal Copper is complete nonsense. I don't mind...
  2. Killingbeans

    Better mic than behringer xm8500?

    I'm using an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB+ that I bought used for ~$100. Total overkill for Discord and no need for an interface.
  3. Killingbeans

    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    That's the paradox: You can't make people stop believing by presenting logic and evidence. Trying to force self awareness upon people throws you straight into a minefield of emotions. Sudden deviation from an established belief system gives feelings of fear and confusion triggering the...
  4. Killingbeans

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Somehow I managed to change my mind, and here's my set of SR850 with Brainwavez pads and a DIY leather headband: They still feel cheap and fragile, but are 1000% more comfy. The pads probably wreck the frequency responce, but I can live with that :D BTW, why have the price of these...
  5. Killingbeans

    Interest check: Leather headbands for AKG K240/271 + clones

    My daily driver pair of headphones is a Samson SR850. I love the sound, but the wear comfort was not to my liking out-of-the-box. I have big ears and a bald head, and the SR850 has some relatively small and rough velour earpads and a hard plastic headband. I fixed the ear comfort with a set of...
  6. Killingbeans

    Vertical mouse. Who has found a good one?

    +1 Iv'e been using Evoluent mice the last decade or so, and I love them.
  7. Killingbeans

    Watches! What do y'all have on your wrists?

    Okay, story time: About half a year ago or so this watch disappeared on me. I looked everywhere but couldn't find it, and after some time I gave up and just bought a different model as a replacement... Fast forward to yesterday night, I'm doing some nasty laundry that needs the hygiene program...
  8. Killingbeans

    Human beliefs sure are weird. Why is it so difficult to get audiophiles to accept the existence of perceptual bias?

    Yep, I clearly remember when my mom decided to switch to a more modern car. She was driving on the motorway on a rainy night in her 2CV, when suddenly most of the floor detached because of the vibrations. She managed to steer into the emergency lane and didn't get hurt, but it took quite a few...
  9. Killingbeans

    Human beliefs sure are weird. Why is it so difficult to get audiophiles to accept the existence of perceptual bias?

    There's some dudes in the UK who make a kit for putting a 150bhp BMW motorcycle engine in a 2CV. I'd love to do that one day, and then give it an authentic flower-power paint job. Of course it wouldn't exactly lower the risk of getting pancaked :D
  10. Killingbeans

    AudioQuest Wind High-end Cable Review

    I think this is the closest to an arse handing Amir has done so far:
  11. Killingbeans

    AudioQuest Wind High-end Cable Review

    I'd wager that under most circumstances, that's pretty close to the truth. More importantly, it doesn't take a huge amounts of engineering skill to take the concept of a rusty paperclip and add the elements that gives you a close to ideal RCA cable, at least for all practical purposes. Those...
  12. Killingbeans

    AudioQuest Wind High-end Cable Review

    I think it's a fair assumption. AudioQuest does not state anywhere that this cable is designed explicitly with turntables in mind. Besides, if it was a really a problem, waiting around for a third party to do measurements on random cables would be a pretty ineffective way of dealing with it ;)
  13. Killingbeans

    Why is Lumin so expensive?

    I wouldn't really count impressions and perceptions as parameters. Don't get me wrong, they are vital to your own personal experience, but there's a risk of it being something others will not experience unless they are influenced by the same suggestions as you.
  14. Killingbeans

    Arylic A50 Review (wireless amplifier)

    I think Amir mentioned that he does that with speakers, but since upstream gear with good measurements are the norm rather than the exception, he won't spend more time than absolutely necessary on the stuff that doesn't cut the mustard. Definitely. I bet most of it sounds just fine, especially...
  15. Killingbeans

    Review and Measurements of New Topping D50s DAC

    All Bluetooth audio transmission goes through a codec that compresses the data. Some of them handle higher kbps rates than others. Whether it makes an audible difference is not for me to say.
  16. Killingbeans

    Why has Audio (and maybe all hobbies) become so hostile?

    Unrealistic expectations and delusions of grandeur are what drives society, and has had the technology of today as a side effect. We'd might all be nothing but drones in the grander scheme of things, but if you force people to face that fact, they'll lose the will to do anything productive. You...
  17. Killingbeans

    Why has Audio (and maybe all hobbies) become so hostile?

    Makes me want to watch Cubic/Equilibrium again. Gun kata! :D The idea is cute, but I think you'll quickly run into problems with the "control" triggering emotions and instincts you hadn't accounted for. You can't fight the very things that made us the creatures we are. Technology has raced...
  18. Killingbeans

    Can amplifier speed and resolution be measured?

    Something that's very easy to measure. I think what folks are objecting to, is the claims about subjective impressions of speed that can't be seen in measurements.
  19. Killingbeans

    What items have you NOT purchased as a result of ASR?

    Of course it does. But ASR is not the place to discuss politics ;)
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