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  1. stevenswall

    Sold my first high end IEM to a friend. Feels like part of me is gone.

    Ever feel like something was a part of you, a good conversation starter, or something you really cherished because it was the first of its kind, you saved for years for it, or you made it? Just sold my JH Audio Lola to a friend for cheap, and it feels odd no longer having it. I didn't use it...
  2. stevenswall

    New Product: Arvus H2-4D Atmos Renderer, Simultaneous 16 channel AES/Balanced Analog/Dante Output

    From their announcement today: (Re-Posting after asking permission to do so.) This is a soft release and the item isn't available for regular ordering. -------- "After extensive design, development, testing and direct consultation with experts across the globe we are excited to finally release...
  3. stevenswall

    RMAF 2021 - No JBL or Focal? Smaller this Year?

    Trying to decide whether to go to RMAF. I want to, but it seems like it's more boutique speaker makers and I want to listen to Dutch & Dutch, Kii, the JBL M2, and Dan Clark Stealth headphones. Searching the company list, if JBL and Focal aren't on there, perhaps it's smaller this year? I'd...
  4. stevenswall

    Dolby Atmos on Tidal, Apple Music Spatial Audio, Impressions on Earphones vs Speakers for Surround Sound Music

    Anyone trying Dolby Atmos music on a surround sound system or headphones? What did you think of the two? So far: -Listening to surround music on headphones isn't as good as binaural, especially not the Starkey Cetera treated stuff, but it works for the ones that were done well. Some of...
  5. stevenswall

    Where to Buy: Dolby DP580 Decoder

    Currently have a DP564 and need something else that can do digital and analogue outputs, but newer Dolby formats and HDMI LPCM passthrough for devices that don't output Dolby. Tried contacting a dealer in UT and CO, but no luck. A price would be great, shipped to Orem Utah.
  6. stevenswall

    What Dolby Format is This? (Dolby DP564) Youtube Surround Sound

    YouTube normally doesn't present a Dolby stream to do surround sound, except with this trailer: (Sorry, can't find anything more "appropriate" to share with the correct encoding.) Bottom encoding sends sound to my surround speakers, top is typical of every other youtube video and surround...
  7. stevenswall

    Utah Audiophile Groups? Made an Audio HiFi Meetup Group

    Made a group for anyone here in Utah who is interested in getting together to listen to different systems or going to audio conventions together. Wasatch Front Audiophile Groups seems dead unless you're interested in just me posting...
  8. stevenswall

    What does "Dynamic" Mean To You?

    Do speakers generally act as a dynamic range compressor when operating well within their limits? Do some act as dynamic range expanders? Is high SPL an indicator of what sounds more dynamic? Even when not approaching limits? Most forums seem to have people who describe dynamics is a term...
  9. stevenswall

    Second Wave Kali IN-8 Announcement: -12dB self noise

    Sorry if it's already posted elsewhere, searched and couldn't find it. Highlight: -New DSP with smoother high frequency response. -12dB self noise improvement. -Same for the old models, but the tweeter pops right back out if you press on it, though I don't recommend doing this.
  10. stevenswall

    Would You Rather: Soundstage+Phantom Center OR More Accurate Frequency Response?

    Moved studio monitors from corners to ~30% the length of the side walls closer. They are near the sidewalls, per Genelec recommending keeping them closer, or if there is space making sure they are more than 1.1 meters from the wall. this follows the first rule for the side walls, and the second...
  11. stevenswall

    Audio Sequencer with IR Learning - Turning Powered Monitors Off Before TV

    General: Need a way to use a power sequencer that can be controlled via the TV remote, something that can learn the IR "code" for when I turn off the TV, and quickly shut down powered monitors in the 2-3 seconds it takes for the TV to turn off and make a pop sound. Specific Situation: I have...
  12. stevenswall

    Coaxial or Optical SPDIF 5.1 Surround Decode with AES/EBU Output, Breakout Box

    Everyone knows of the cheapo optical to 6 channel RCA boxes: And the cheap HOSA ones with only two channels, but digital output: Is there something like this that outputs to AES/EBU for a digital system, and has 5.1 outputs? Wanting something so that I can plug in a Genelec 7271 and 8260...
  13. stevenswall

    Help: Old Meridian G91, 585, and 861 for Surround Digital+Analogue Output

    Looking for a 5.4 system at most and I'd like to work with AES/EBU which googling suggests Meridian's digital connectors output that. Does optical in from a TV send out a surround signal always or would new videos have DSTX and not have a surround mix they can send over optical? Am I...
  14. stevenswall

    Dirac vs Dirac with Bass Management, vs Genelec GLM... None optimally use subwoofers?

    MiniDSP article on Dirac BM sending out one signal and not being able to use all subwoofers and large speakers to make bass even across multiple listening positions: It also seems regular Dirac has...
  15. stevenswall

    Never Put Subwoofers In Corners... Even with DSP and Multi-Sub Setups?

    This article seems to go against a lot of what I hear on the forum: (Is this guy just trying to sell something?) "So don’t buy into this culture of putting the subwoofer in the corner. And definitely don’t...
  16. stevenswall

    Cardioid Subwoofers, Open Baffle, etc... What Helps with Room Issues?

    Waveguides and even off axis response help a ton with monitors sounding decent in an untreated room, and getting a phantom center. Now I want a subwoofer that I hopefully don't have to do a subwoofer crawl for, as I'd like something I can use as a stand for a TV, or maybe two that I can use as...
  17. stevenswall

    Volunteers/Donation: Help Ship a Genelec 8260 to Amirm, $150/$380

    Looking for help with shipping costs to get one of my Genelec 8260 monitors to Amirm and back. Measuring and scoring these would be great to see how The Ones improved on this design. These were sent to me earlier this year from a studio in Florida, and I'm curious what measurements would show...
  18. stevenswall

    Simple Price to Performance (Cost Per Preference Point) Table based on MZKM Preference Source Data

    Can't figure out how to post a table with BBC code, HTML, Wiki, etc. so had to settle for a screenshot. Notable speakers: The C-Note on the cheap end, KEF for some of the cheapest per point over 5 points, and holy crap, that Genelec is expensive. No idea how much better something is based on...
  19. stevenswall

    Cancelled: $50 from 5 People, Pioneer RM-07 (Or other coaxial alternative) to Amirm

    Looking to split the cost of this to send a unit to Amirm. I'd pay $100, and need six others. It's a coaxial speaker that I think would be great for surround speakers in an active setup. Only measurements I can find are of the port, and Pioneer's own...
  20. stevenswall

    Kali Audio IN-8 Round 2, How Should I Measure Hiss? Hiss Videos? (Anyone else notice less hiss in later purchased pairs?)

    UPDATE: The Kali IN-8 now has -12dB self noise per this video. I do not currently own the IN-8v2, but it uses the amplifier and DSP improvements of the IN-5 to get lower hiss now on their 8" version: -------- The team at Kali Audio has offered to send me an IN-8 to test after seeing several...
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