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    BEYMA 12XA30ND 12" Coaxial Driver Impressions

    I recently assembled a pair of speakers using Beyma 12XA30ND coaxial drivers (12"woofer mounted around a 2" throat compression driver) in a simple open baffle configuration. I've heard and owned many varieties of well regarded and exotic speakers over the years including Genelec Ones...
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    Two Way or Three Way Compression driver horn speaker

    Hi I'm interested in building a two way or three way compression driver + woofer speaker. I've been planning to do this for some time and finally have the space and resources to do so. The build I have in mind is based on a TAD style Yuichi horn system. I don't want to go larger than an...
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    Meyersound X10 speakers

    Has anyone had a chance to hear these: I suspect in their time of production they were some of the best speakers available. I've heard the newer Bluehorns which are excellent. Do any contemporary speakers implement a similar...
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    Single Capacitor Two Way Crossover -- distortion??

    I'm looking to build a very simple two way speaker that incorporates a single capacitor at a ~20khz crossover point -- a 1uf capacitor. The tweeter I'm considering is ~95db and the full range driver complementing it is ~86db. I'm thinking that with a 6db per octave rolloff both drivers should...
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    Omnidirectional speakers and or surround sound

    Omnidirectional speakers like MBLs seem to inspire lots of debate and skepticism. The variables -- room reflections -- that emerge from omni-speakers lead me to wonder whether such a design is worthwhile. Peter Walker, the designer of the original Quad electrostatics, whose opinion I trust...
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    Coaxial driver experiences and preferences

    Hi I had a chance to listen to a pair of vintage Tannoy Silver coaxial drivers -- alnico magnets and the lightest weight paper cone Tannoy has implemented. Needless to say these are incredible and exceeded my expectations. In some ways as good as the best electrostatic speakers I've listened to...
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    Correlation between sample rate and audible frequency?

    I often read, in widely published and observed articles, and 'reputable sources' etc. e.g. this one: claiming that sample rate is somehow correlated to the audio frequency spectrum and that since humans don't hear above 20khz there's...
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    Interesting thread about THD in speakers
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    Speaker crossover before versus after bi-amplification

    With the multitude of high quality multi-channel dacs available today -- eg the Motu 8A with 8 outputs -- I'm curious if there's an advantage to establishing LF/MF+HF crossover frequencies pre-amplification versus post. An example scenario in a two way system would be sending low frequency...
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    Merging Hapi with AKD8D/AKD8DP

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and love the content here more than any audio forum I've come across and I've explored many over the years. Thank you Amirm and others who contribute for keeping it real and honest. I'm a musician and thus most of my audio recording and playback equipment is proaudio...
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